Postcards from Prato

This week in Prato, the music scene was alive at one of the best UNH Prato Campus restaurants, Cafe al’ Teatro. Not only is the food excellent and the staff friendly, but Cafe al’ Teatro boasts an intimate music scene on their bottom floor almost every night.

We saw many bands perform at this hidden gem this past week, but my personal favorite was La Firenzuoli’s band. This band was made up of three teenage boys (one on piano and main vocals, one on guitar and the last on drums). The young group had an impressive set list and sang mostly American classics, such as “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles, “Feeling Good,” made popular by Michael Buble and the infamous Seven Nation Army song that so easily can get everyone tapping their feet.

Though this group is mostly a cover band, they also write some of their own music; it can be found if you Google La Firenzuoli’s (keyword Prato, Tuscany).

Due to the fact that the performance space is so personal, the band even brought me up to perform a song when they found out I was an “American singer.” It was my first time performing since my vocal nodule surgery I had two months ago, and I have to say it felt amazing to hold a microphone again.

I found the entire structure of the show to be very relaxing, modeled much like every day Italian life. In between heavy or fast songs, the band would play a light instrumental piece to give the singer a vocal break and allow for the audience to refill their wine glasses or grab a dessert from the next room.

Everything about the Italian lifestyle is so much more laidback and relaxed, but it is especially enjoyable when it is centered on good music. I personally love how much value is put into music here in the city of Prato and the neighboring city of Florence. They have a strong American music scene and so many amazing cover bands. It is mind boggling to me that everyone in the town will show up for even the smallest garage band to perform three songs, just to sing along and enjoy some live music. No matter what day of the week it is or how late the band is performing, there is never an empty show.

I hope to have some interviews soon for you guys, but for now my Italian song of the week is “Mi Piace” by Leonardo Bonucci. The song is a bit dated but extremely catchy, and has the ability to very quickly teach you some important Italian phrases. Ciao for now!


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