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USGA President’s Corner

by Patrick Kelland | March 6, 2013

My fellow students,

March is finally here, midterms are almost upon us, and Spring Break is nearing. These are all good indicators that some of your best memories of the spring 2013 semester are soon to come.

As warmer weather draws closer, be sure to stay on top of your work. It will be easy to get distracted, but the more work you put in now, the more time you’ll be able to have as the semester nears its close.

Congratulations to all of our sports teams this weekend. You all played very well and I’m glad to say that I greatly enjoyed all of the games I attended. You all are key ingredients to the Charger pride on this campus.

To my fellow seniors, be sure to fill out your Commencement Participation Form by March 8 so you can walk at graduation.

Be on the lookout for more USGA Elections information, and for those of you vying to be a Media Head, get your applications in by Wednesday, March 6.


See you around campus, especially in the library,


Patrick Kelland


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