Purebred Records releases first album with Hannah & Maggie

The University of New Haven’s Purebred Records has released the album of their first artists, Hannah & Maggie, and you won’t believe how clear, heartfelt and wonderfully enchanting it is.

Photo Obtained via Facebook

Photo Obtained via Facebook

The singer/songwriter duo from NYC was signed to the student-run label a year ago. In the Company of Strangers will be their third studio album, recorded in Studio B with Andrew Kinzie ’13 as the sound engineer. The new album delivers 13 tracks to play all day and night.

The album opens up with “Home as We Know It,” which is full of lovely and warm harmonies; showcasing dazzling vocals as the guitars reel you in for a small dance. The subtle sounds of a xylophone (or vibraphone) add to the uniqueness, as the duo blends traditional folk music with vibrancy, sparking new renditions with each melody. It’s a fantastic opener that depicts the lively and soulful layout of the album.

Following that comes “Field on Fire,” which is beautiful as you’re brought into the minds of the duo, transcending time and space, while their authentic lyrical genius is heard.

Released singles such as “The Final Straw,” which illustrates when a relationship is falling apart, brought out by strong vocals, and “Morning Star;” a soft track that utilizes strings, creating this lure of an elegant and cheerful lullaby, raise this album to be one with the stars. Every song glows, and they all mirror the profound embodiment of singing from the heart.

Towards the end of the album, “To the Road” is perfect as the subtle melodies in the background answer their harmonies. They then conclude with “September,” a personal favorite of mine as I cannot wait for my birthday. The vocals are soothing as the guitar plays the last dance of the album.

With every melody, every time they are in sync, every strum of the guitar and every entrance of strings, they deliver songs for the perfect snowy, rainy, or almost any kind of day, and they do it radiantly.

This album is a perfect gift from Purebred Records. Not only are Hannah & Maggie talented, but they are students who work day and night on this record label and on this album, and deserve countless praise.

The album can be heard on Spotify and purchased on iTunes and Google Play. Check out both Hannah & Maggie and updates from Purebred Records at:



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