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Poetry Corner

by The Charger Bulletin | December 10, 2014

A Cup of Coffee

It was like a cup of coffee,
Your affection given towards me.
It kept me warm inside,
But quickly faded my being.

The aroma was intriguing.
And the taste left me craving.
But the aftertaste was gnarly,
And the smell soon disappearing.


The ease and beauty of emulsions

by The Charger Bulletin | December 10, 2014

Recipe by Maggie Lyon
Contributing writer

Simple Hollandaise 

Lastly, the most luxurious of them all: the Hollandaise sauce. Perhaps it’s the whisking combined with a heat element that makes this sauce seem out of the way or difficult, but I can assure you with confidence that it’s much easier than you think.

Simple Hollandaise Sauce

Butter                          ½ pound (two sticks) melted
Egg Yolks                  2 each, pasture raised
Lemon Juice             1 Tbs
White Vinegar          ½ Tbs
Hot Sauce                  splash
Salt                             1 tsp
Fresh Pepper            to taste
Water                         as needed*

It’s important to note to organize yourself so all ingredients are at a moment’s reach. Hollandaise is essential for increasing success. Have ready your melted butter and accoutrement for adding later, and in a large heat-safe bowl, add the yolks, lemon juice, vinegar, hot sauce and a teaspoon of water.
Place the bowl over the pot and begin whisking, making sure your strokes are even and encompassing. Whisk for 3-4 minutes, or until the mix has aerated and the whisks path is now visible. Remove the bowl from the heat and place onto a slightly damp tea towel for the second half. It’s important to note that bowl stabilization is also crucial for increasing success (and diminishing stress, for that matter).
Slowly begin streaming in the warm (but not super-hot) butter. Again, a little at a time and then increase the amount until everything is incorporated. At this point, the sauce should be a pale yellow and fairly thick. It can be thinned with water for desired consistency.

Quick Fix: Add some hot water to the broken sauce and whisk vigorously.

Scope it Out!

by The Charger Bulletin | December 10, 2014

scope logo

Thank you to all of those that came out and made our events successful this semester. Have a fun and relaxing winter break and Happy Holidays! We cannot wait to see you all at our events next semester!

The Charger Battery

by Kaitlin Mahar | December 10, 2014



+ SCOPE kicked off the beginning of finals week by celebrating the last day of classes with a Relaxation Day in Jazzman’s, featuring food, massages and K-9 Nia.

+ Congratulations to all of the students who played in the Winter Concert on Saturday and got everybody in the holiday spirit!


– As students begin to suffer through finals, expect the dining halls to be more crowded than usual this week, with people crying as they eat their feelings.

– The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was last night, so expect the gym to be a lot more crowded than usual as well.

The Battery Charge

As much as students may be wishing they were home by a nice, warm fire instead of suffering through finals, just remember that this semester will be over in less than a week and delicious home-cooked food is your incentive to push through.

Taylor’s NFL Picks Week 15

by Taylor Hauck | December 10, 2014

Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams
The Rams are on a roll lately but time is running out. They likely won’t make the playoffs this year. All the Rams can hope to do is spoil the Cardinals’ season. Arizona was able to get over their losing streak Sunday and still maintain the top seed in the NFC. Expect the Rams to pull off another upset on Thursday Night Football.


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Atlanta Falcons
This game is a complete toss-up but come time for the playoffs the Steelers always seem to get on a roll. They are tough to beat late in the season and that could mean trouble for the Falcons. The Falcons are still alive in the playoff race due to the poor NFC South. Pittsburgh has struggled badly at times but seemed to have found their way into the fifth playoff spot in the AFC. Expect this to be a close game down in Atlanta.

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants
The Giants ended their seven game losing streak on Sunday while the Redskins continued theirs. Neither team has any hope for the playoffs. Both coaches might be playing to keep their jobs. Expect these two NFC East teams to play a close game with the Giants coming away victorious.

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots
The Patriots rebounded Sunday after getting beat in Green Bay last week. They struggled but beat the Chargers on the road. New England still holds the lead in the AFC and could clinch a first round bye within the next two weeks. While Miami has had an impressive season, they have struggled lately and won’t be able to take down the Patriots in New England.

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs lost two weeks ago to the Raiders and they are hoping it is not the same outcome this time around. Kansas City is now out of a playoff spot after a loss Sunday to the Cardinals. To keep pace they will need to come out strong against the Raiders who are always looking for an upset. Oakland upset the 49ers at home on Sunday. Expect the Raiders to put up a fight with the Chiefs emerging as winners.

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts
The Colts pulled off a miracle Sunday coming from behind against the Browns. The Colts are one game out of a first round bye in the playoffs. They will likely need to win out to get a bye. The Texans are right in the middle of the playoff hunt as well. They only need to jump two teams to earn a spot. Expect the Texans to make this a very close game, but ultimately Andrew Luck and the Colts should be too much.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens
The Baltimore Ravens sit in the seventh spot in the AFC and only trail the Chargers by a tiebreak for the last playoff spot. They have to avoid this trap game against the Jaguars who could potentially pull off an upset of any team overlooking them. The Ravens need to increase their passing game if they want to make the playoffs.

Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills
The Green Bay Packers are a on a tear and should go into Buffalo and take care of business. Aaron Rodgers is leading his team to another great season. Expect the Bills to put up a great fight as they try and keep pace for playoff spot. The Packers will likely need to win out to get a first round bye in the playoffs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers
The struggling Panthers went into New Orleans and came away with a huge win over the Saints and pulled closer to the Saints and the Falcons. The NFC South is still up for grabs. The Panthers will need put on the points or the Buccaneers could come away with win.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns
Both these teams lost Sunday and are looking to bounce back with a win. The Bengals are holding on to their division lead but only by a tie over the Steelers. The Browns need to win to stay alive in the tightly contested AFC North. The Browns could be making a quarterback change this week. Expect a close game in Cleveland.

New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans
This will be the first game in awhile that the Jets could be favored to win. They played well enough Sunday to force overtime in an eventual loss to the Vikings. Tennessee seems to get worse as the weeks go on. Expect a sloppy contest between these 2-11 teams.



Ask Melanie

by The Charger Bulletin | December 10, 2014

Email, find her on Facebook at UNH Ask Melanie, or follow her Twitter @unhaskmelanie. Identities will always remain confidential!


Dear Melanie,

Christmas is coming up and my boyfriend and I got into a fight because he wants us to go to his family’s house and I want to go to mine. His family lives in New Jersey and mine lives here in Connecticut so we can’t do both in one day, but I’d like to figure out a way to compromise. I went with him to his family’s Easter celebration and I went to visit him tons of times over the summer and he doesn’t ever want to budge and come to me; I’m not asking for him to only spend time with my family but there has to be some agreement we can come to.

-Holiday Lover

Dear Holiday Lover,

It seems like you guys need to come to an agreement about all holidays, being that we are in the middle of the holiday season. You can either tell him now which holidays you want at your house or you can discuss alternating and see which ones he absolutely wants with his family and which ones you don’t want to budge on and decide from there.

Another option is for both of you to go separately to your respective families’ celebrations. Just because you guys are a couple doesn’t mean you need to spend every holiday together; if you guys are in it for the long haul then I’m sure you’ll have other opportunities to fight over whose Christmas feast you’re going to.

Holidays are supposed to be about family and love; people cause unnecessary stress on themselves and others by fighting over things that really don’t need to be fought over. If you guys can’t come to a decision without fighting, then just go to your family’s and let him go to his. You both will enjoy yourselves more if one of you isn’t being forced to be somewhere you don’t want to be.


Postcards from Prato

by Ashley Arminio | December 10, 2014

Semester summary

UNH students studying in Tuscany will arrive back in America on Dec. 15 (Photo by Ashley Arminio/Charger Bulletin photo)

UNH students studying in Tuscany will arrive back in America on Dec. 15
(Photo by Ashley Arminio/Charger Bulletin photo)

My semester at the University of New Haven’s Prato campus has come to an end and I have so many feelings about leaving my new home.

I’ve learned so much about myself, Italian culture and language, and other people through all of the experiences I’ve had.

I’m so thankful for my professors here at the Tuscany campus for being so welcoming and eager to teach and be involved in our lives. I’ve had some of the best classes here, my favorite being Italian Life and Culture, which has opened my eyes to an extensive amount of history and lessons.

I’m thankful for the Prato community, who stalked our lives through Facebook and stared at us like we’re aliens; but overall for becoming a part of our experience and helping us adjust.

I’ll never forget the staff of the Betti Café, who always knew to have a Nutella Cornetto ready for me, and for asking about my exams and trips. I’m so thankful to have these people and places in my life, and that one day I’ll be able to come back and be familiar with the area.

Whether it’s catching buses at 3 a.m., sleeping in an airport, walking barefoot through Venice, staying up all night studying for art history with my roommates, teaching Italian students about America and English, seeing the Eiffel Tower light up at night, Oktoberfest, re-enacting the Beatles on Abbey Rd. in London, almost getting hit by a bike in Amsterdam, and seeing more churches on class field trips than I thought was humanly possible, this trip was all around the most insane experience I’ve ever had.

We’re wrapping up the trip with a concert at the new Prato campus with some of our Italian friends, as well as getting our conversation exchange certificates. Following that is a farewell dinner that will be later on this week.

The first lesson the group was told when arriving to Italy is “don’t be a visitor, be a guest,” which is a phrase that will stick with me forever.

One of the Italian students told me that if he had a Thanksgiving, he would tell his family that he is most thankful for happiness (grazie per happiness…), and I think that just about sums up my semester abroad here in Tuscany.

Ugly Sweater Contest

by The Charger Bulletin | December 10, 2014
An ugly sweater (Photo obtained via

An ugly sweater (Photo obtained via

Do you love to show off your ugly sweater during the holidays? Tag @TheChargerBulletin in an Instagram post of yourself or friends in your ugly sweaters for the chance to win a $15 gift card! The contest will run through the holidays, and the winner will be notified through Instagram via a repost from The Charger Bulletin. You will be able to pick up your gift card in January, when we return from break! Please email us at if you have any questions!

Simply Sam’s Style

by Samantha Salvio | December 10, 2014

Holiday Outfits 

A holiday look (Photo obtained via

A holiday look (Photo obtained via

Classes are over and it’s time to look forward to the rest of the holiday season! This means more great food and family time, and hopefully a nice break away from anything academic. Food is the top thing that I look forward to, but my holiday outfits are a close second.

Living away from my family while attending college, I look forward to the holidays to see all the family I’ve missed during classes. My family is the type to dress up for the holidays and take pictures before dinner. From Christmas Eve dinner to New Years’ celebration, it’s easy to look dressed up for all three occasions without breaking the bank.  Here are three outfits that are quick to coordinate and are appropriate for each event:

  1. Christmas Eve: This isn’t the main event of the holiday season but a lot of families use this day to visit distant family and those family members that you aren’t spending Christmas day with. While you don’t have to put on a show-stopper outfit, it’s still nice to dress up a little. As a base, start with a flannel shirt, and if you are feeling really festive make sure the pattern includes reds and green. On top of that, put on a knitted sweater that allows the flannel underneath to peak out from under the sleeve and on top of the collar. Add a small statement necklace, nothing to elaborate, but enough to give your outfit depth and sparkle. If it’s a close trip, throw on some nice jeans and flats. If it’s a drive to get there and cold out, opt for a more comfortable option with leggings and boots.
  1. Christmas Day: Yay for unwrapping presents and giving presents! Once the gifts are all unwrapped and you’re ready to change out of those morning onesies, it’s time for your dinner outfit. Depending on how formal your family goes, you have two options. For a more semi-formal look, wear a nice dress with a warm sweater on top. A really cool look is if the dress, or even a skirt, has sequins on it. With a plain neutral sweater on top, the contrast of fabrics in this outfit give an understated glamour about it. More a more formal look, go with a shirt dress. The two fabric choices to choose from are chiffon or a classic sweater dress. With a pair of black opaque tights and cute matching booties, you’ll look great and comfortable.
  1. New Year’s Eve/ Day: There is always someone you know who is throwing a party on New Year’s Eve and who doesn’t want to look nice for the first day of the New Year? For his outfit, I favor a monochromed look, whether it be all black, all white or a bolder color-like red. A chic outfit would include some nice black leggings with a leather strip down the sides and nice blouse, use a chiffon button down or match the night’s fireworks and wear a sequined top. Throw on a blazer, black pumps and throw your hair in a top knot and you’re all set!



Poetry Corner

by The Charger Bulletin | December 3, 2014


I am my smile,
When I don’t care.
I am my skin,
When it is bare.
I am my heart,
At every beat.
I am everything that
I choose to be.
I am my haircut
And my freshly painted nails.
I am my actions,
Like playing on the train rails.
I am my bed head,
And my croaky morning voice.
I am my words released
And my decisions from every choice.
I am the way I make my coffee
And the way I walk to class.
I am the way I view the clouds,
And the way I lay on grass.
I am unfettered,
I am distressed.
I am my worst,
I am my best.
So, next time that I think,
That beauty is only skin deep,
I take a look in the mirror,
Remembering, real beauty is underneath.


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