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Livewell’s Latest

by Shannon Livewell | April 16, 2014

Midlake – the new One Direction? Decide for yourself.

Midlake (photo obtained via Facebook)

Midlake (photo obtained via Facebook)

Midlake is a band that originates from Denton, TX. They were formed in 1999 and have continued to grow ever since. I was able to talk to Midlake’s guitarist, Eric Pulido, about their latest album release, Antiphon, and how they felt about their upcoming tour with Neil Finn! Their first show started this past week in New York, and our interview was a few days before the madness began for the band.

I had to ask about the inspiration behind Antiphon, (an•ti•phon: in traditional Western Christian liturgy, is a short sentence sung or recited before or after a psalm or canticle) because of course I could see how the title pertained to music, but I wondered how it pertained to Midlake.

“I found the word in a liturgical setting used for a call and response style of singing or spoken word,” said Pulido. “The literal meaning in Greek is ‘opposite voice’ nerd alert,” he mocked himself. “For us, we thought it was the perfect title for what this album meant to us; a response to not only to Tim (former vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for the band) leaving, but to where we’re at musically and lyrically.”

It is not too often in today’s industry where we hear about bands breaking-up. In the 1970s, if someone left a popular band it would be on the news that night. Today, it is more about the music than the drama of the band mates, and I think in that aspect we’ve come a long way as a music-loving world. Midlake really encapsulates this idea with their mature and positive take on such a huge change for the band.

I think as someone who spends her Monday mornings researching, listening to and writing articles on the band’s she’s interviewed the past week, I need to ask questions that aren’t only informative, but inspirational — questions that I believe will make someone who has never heard of the band want to really listen, which is why I tend to always ask which song means the most to the artist I am with. The song that has the most significance behind it for the artist is the one that will speak volumes to the listener.

“‘The Old And The Young,’” Pulido stated with no hesitation. “It’s a simple song about not lamenting the past, but rather embracing where you are and what lies ahead.” This is a song I feel anyone can relate to and learn from.

When I asked who Pulido’s largest influence was, both musically and personaly, he answered differently than any other artist I’ve spoken with. “My dad,” he said for both. “He got me listening to bands of yesteryear at an early age. I’ve always been a fan first and it helps give perspective. He’s also the greatest man I know, so I hope that’s rubbed off some!”

Well, Pulido, I think it’s safe to say with an answer like that, the greatest definitely rubbed off a little!

I asked Pulido if the band felt like pioneers of the “folk-rock” genre; something every Internet source feels the need to categorize them as. “I’m not a big fan of genre monikers, although I understand their purpose,” he answered. “We’ve been categorized in several different genres and I think we’re currently having an identity crisis. And no, I don’t believe we’re pioneers of folk-rock. Now indie-psych-folk-rock, maybe!”

After only a short time, I could have expected Pulido’s answer to reinvent the question. That’s the number one sign of a talented musician with a lot of imagination.

Lastly, an answer that I will leave you all with, one that will probe you to listen to Midlake, because after reading Pulido’s responses so far, his last one may shock you. I asked for a mainstream band that they could compare themselves to as a group, because in previous interviews they had said they didn’t want to become a “Radiohead knock-off band.” Pulido answered as if he had thought about the question all day long, “One Direction, because at the heart of it, we’re really just a boy band.”


Photo of the Week

by The Charger Bulletin | April 16, 2014


By: Mathew Bither, freshman


Taken August, 2013
Location: Montana, USA

“I went to visit my grandfather, and when we had some down time we were able to explore his land and the stream that ran through it.” – Bither

Photo of the week frame- cmyk

Staff Second Chances

by Scott Iwaniec | April 16, 2014


staff second chances - bw

Staff second batman and robin

The Charger Battery

by Patricia Oprea | April 16, 2014


+ Congratulations to all who were involved in the annual student art show, Breaking the Grid! Students submitted pieces that were selected by a guest juror; some went on to be displayed in the Seton Art Gallery, while others won awards. Night of the Arts on Tuesday April 16, featured the artwork, along with music, poetry-reading, and theatrical skits by talented UNH students!

+ Thanks to the generosity of UNH Alum William Bucknall, Dodds Hall now has new lighting, sound and motorized rigging systems, and an upgraded seating area. It has also been renamed Bucknall Hall, adding to the ever-growing list of B-named buildings; but that does not diminish all the improvements.



- Exotic fruit at the C-Store is an exciting, albeit fairly rare, sight. Seeing pineapples is a surprise, but so is the eight dollar price tag. A pineapple is delicious and versatile fruit, but not delicious enough to spend eight dollars on, instead of a full meal.

- Having 70 people on a wait-list for a SCOPE trip definitely means that you need to find something else to do that day. UNH tip: If you don’t sign up between 9 p.m. and 9:02 p.m., the chances you will make it on the trip are close to none. Make sure to have alternative plans!


The Battery Charge:

Congratulations to Treasurer-Elect John Foti and President-elect Richard Rotella, as well as to all the future senators of USGA. Although the stresses of campaigning are over, the bigger task of representing and serving the UNH student body is now in your hands.

Postcards from Prato

by Samantha Mathewson | April 16, 2014

TGIF on the Prato campus

Waterfall seen on a Friday hike to Rio Buti (Charger Bulletin Photo/ Samantha Higgins)

Waterfall seen on a Friday hike to Rio Buti (Charger Bulletin Photo/Samantha Higgins)

What a great week here in Prato! The weather has been beautiful; there is always something to do with all the events going on! Even with final projects being assigned and students working hard, there are still last minute trips being planned for the weekends in order to take advantage of how close everything is.

We had all of our regular programs and events this week through the school. Monday night was Viva La Italia, which was an hour long class that focused on the mafia this week, something we are learning about in our Culture class. Many students are interested in the mafia for their final projects, so it was a big hit. Afterwards everyone walked over to the soccer game together and then had the weekly group dinner.

Tuesday was conversation exchange and more students took advantage of family dinners. Wednesday was the last movie night of the semester, and it was bittersweet to know that our time here is almost over!

Friday was, by far, my favorite day of the week though, because the hike that was rained out last week was rescheduled for this Friday! So a group of us got up and started hiking up a mountain to Rio Buti at 9 a.m. On the hike we were able to see beautiful waterfalls, do some activities, see an amazing view off the mountain side, and eat lunch by the waterfalls; some of us even climbed the waterfall. The water was crystal clear, and personally, I have never seen water so beautiful. It was so much fun and we saw so many beautiful sights. It was a long hike, but it was such a fantastic experience.

Over the weekend there was a lot going on around us — a market, hot air balloon rides, chalk art, plus so much other things. There were so many people out taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and all the events happening. The community here is so exciting and welcoming, especially during events and things like this; it’s such a great thing to be a part of.

All throughout the week we had sign-ups for other events that are happening throughout the upcoming weeks. Whether they are programs at the school or events for Prato Campus week, we still have a lot of activities coming up in our last month so there is so much to look forward too as we finish our classes and prepare to head home. It’s never a dull moment here and it looks like the last few weeks are going to make some fantastic memories for all of us.


Livewell’s Latest

by Shannon Livewell | April 9, 2014
Flagship/ Photo provided by Shannon Livewell

Flagship/ Photo provided by Shannon Livewell

Flagship LIVE @ The Space

After sitting down to have a conversation with the band Flagship from Charlotte, NC, I realized that these guys were different from all the rest; in fact, I can honestly say they were the most personable, and charismatic group I have ever had the pleasure to sit down with.

When I first arrived at the venue three hours before their set, I expected them to be sleeping or eating and uninterested in starting our interview. Not to my surprise they were doing just that, sleeping and eating. However, instead of being uninterested+, they invited my photographer, Courtney Kresge, and I into their tour van, offered us Oreo’s and woke up eager to answer my questions.

The band consists of Drake Margolnick, Grant Harding, Matthew Padgett, Michael Finster, and Christopher Comfort. Once we were able to gather all of the band mates, because some were exploring the wooded area around The Space in Hamden, Conn., we moved into the venue to start the interview. Knowing that the band was a merge of two different groups, I had to ask how they formed into one, and Padgett was quick to answer. “There used to be two,” he began like he was telling us a bedtime story, “there was Campbell the Band and Flagship Brigade.”

“I came up with the idea of Flagship forever ago,” said Margolnick. “I just really liked the word and what it stood for.”

“Drake went solo after the other two bands fizzled out, and we all supported that. Joining him on his journey, we felt inspired. It was incredible, and soon we were just…Flagship.”

The band is currently on the “Three of Clubs” tour, which Finster explained to me, “It’s been a long-standing tradition where three bands are asked to go on a tour together. It’s the same three bands for the entire length of the tour, and we switch up the order we play in depending on the city. We get along so well with the other bands, it’s really cool, but there are some drawbacks,” he said, “I need to be able to be alone, that’s just the type of person I am. Therefore, never having that option becomes difficult at times.”

“Snoring,” Padgett and Margolnick said simultaneously. “Some people just snore so loud, it’s difficult to sleep when we’re actually able to,” Padgett finished.

“And alcohol,” Harding laughed. “We can never afford alcohol.” I actually felt like I was in the middle of a Saturday Night Live skit, it was beyond fun to spew out questions to these guys.

It was definitely a challenge to get a general consensus from the group. They all have different songs that mean the most to them, and different influences both musically and personally, but I was able to get them to agree on one thing. “We’re all really influenced by The National, and Radiohead,” said Padgett, “and my boys here in Flagship, they influence me a lot.”

I have never met a more humble and brother-like group of guys with such a story to tell. Their sheer personalities make their music that much more desirable, and I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to sit down with them and chat about the methods behind their musical madness. This is definitely a band to watch out for in the months to come!


Photo of the week

by The Charger Bulletin | April 9, 2014


Photo of the week- cmyk“The Museum of America and the Sea”
By: Melissa Scott


Taken October 13, 2013
Location: Mystic Seaport

““You haven’t seen Connecticut until you’ve visited Mystic Seaport! A great site for people who love the sea!” – Scott


Staff Second Chances

by Scott Iwaniec | April 9, 2014

Charger Battery

by Patricia Oprea | April 9, 2014


+ Victimology club’s annual show, The Vagina Monologues, was a hit. 90 percent of proceeds go to the rape crisis center of Milford, and 10% go to V-day Foundation for a women’s charity in a third world country! Remember that April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and keep your eye out for more of Victimology Club’s events.

+ Fantastic job to all involved in the International Festival this past weekend. Thirteen countries, among them Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, India, and Taiwan, participated in this festival. Food, displays and performances filled the Charger Gymnasium with sights and sounds from all over the world.


- Why is everyone at the C-Store so grumpy all the time? If you don’t like responding to a “Hi,” then working in a college store is definitely not for you. Yes, the C-Store only opens at 1p.m. on Saturdays, but is it necessary to wait until after 1 p.m. when you see that three people have been standing outside waiting?

- When the university’s webpage is down in the middle of a day during the week. Hopefully everyone recognizes the importance of flash drives in moments like this since email may or may not be accessible to open the research paper you sent to yourself.

The Battery Charge:

Congratulations to all recipients of awards in these recent few weeks! Whether it is Greek awards, the Henry C. Lee College Academic Awards, Student Affairs Awards, or being inducted into the Honor Society for Experiential Education, you all make us proud Chargers!

Postcards from Prato

by Samantha Higgins | April 9, 2014

Our last full month in Prato has started. It’s amazing how fast the time has flown by this semester. This week was, like all others, fun and full of events the staff set up for us. On Monday,we had students come from another study abroad program located in Florence, instead just having our regular soccer game. The students were from The University of Wisconsin Madison and they came to our field to play against UNH students. It was a lot of fun and a great way to mix it up and see other U.S. students studying close by.

UNH Prato and University of Wisconsin Madison soccer game/ Photo by Samantha Vaughn, student service coordinator

UNH Prato and University of Wisconsin Madison soccer game/ Photo by Samantha Vaughn, student service coordinator

Tuesday night we had conversation exchange again. It’s always a lot of fun to talk to the local Italian students and try to improve our skills. Some groups are teaching each other card games and even hanging out on other days of the week instead of just for conversation exchange. It’s a great way to learn about Prato from the people our age who live here. After conversation exchange this week, I went to a family dinner with a group of students. We got picked up at the school and went to the family’s house for an amazing home cooked meal. The house had a beautiful view of the mountains, so when we got there we walked around for a little bit just asking questions and seeing a completely different area of Prato. We had such a great time eating and talking to the family and laughed so much. It was such an amazing experience.

There was no movie on Wednesday night this week, so instead we had a local beer and snack tasting. It was really interesting to get to taste different beers to see which went best with each snack; I never thought about how much it mattered what you eat with what you are drinking until I came to these tastings. After that was over, the school had arranged a Skype session with the campus back in Connecticut to answer any questions anyone had about registration— which was extremely helpful since all we have to rely on is email to figure everything out while being here.

On Thursday the finale of the card game tournament happened after our classes were over. The tournament has been going on for weeks, and there were four teams left, but only one could win. By the end of the night there was a winner and prizes were awarded. The excitement in the room was great; everyone really got into the game.

Unfortunately, the hike they had planned for Friday was cancelled because of the rain, but that didn’t stop them from getting everyone together. They held a Ping-Pong tournament in the morning at the school and later a press conference for Prato Campus week coming up in May. The conferenec includes UNH, Monash University from Australia and PIN, a local Prato university. There are different events and programs set up that include all of the schools and the community in Prato to get everyone involved. As it gets closer they are getting everyone hyped up for it. We might only have a month left, but it will definitely be a fun filled one in Prato for all of us!


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