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Simply Sam’s Style

by Samantha Salvio | September 17, 2014

SPECIAL! Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

An event of this magnitude only happens twice a year—a week-long fashion show held in five different locations across three continents in New York, Miami, Berlin, Australia and Istanbul. This is where the top designers worldwide, such as BCBG, Max Azria,Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors, reveal their fashion styles for the new season on the runways for all critics to critique for the first time.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (photos obtained via

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (photos obtained via

The most recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week just ended in New York on Thursday, Sept 11, where they showcased Spring/Summer 2015 fashion trends at the Lincoln Center. If you missed it completely, you’re not completely at fault. It isn’t widely publicized to the public and is not open to just anyone who happens to pass by the venue.

Exclusive does not even begin to describe this event; not even all well-known fashion designers are invited into the show. There are, in fact, three ways to obtain a ticket to this illustrious event: register and request participation, simply be invited, or sneak in to see the show as a registered volunteer. If you are not directly invited, the registration process has an application fee of $80 and even that does not guarantee approval; the application still needs to be approved.

To rise in victory past the war and bloodshed among all the designers fighting for a spot in “the tents” is such a prestigious honor in the fashion industry and provides a platform to advertise themselves and their designs as a top designer.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but these fashion trends will make you look forward to dressing cute again after the snowstorms:

1.Floral: From Erin Featherston to Michael Kors, this pattern trend has made it through another season change. Stay traditional and use the floral and pair it with some lace to accentuate a more feminine look like Kendall Jenner, who walked for Diane Von Furstenberg. Not feeling the Girl Next Door and want a more relaxed look? Slip on a plain white tank or V-neck with a floral kimono and some flared pants for a more boho vibe.

2.Materials: Cotton and polyester are being put aside for some more daring alternatives. Calvin Klein showed off a red shining leather dress and Ralph Lauren added some felt into his designs. These different materials are a fun way to mix up the norm and bring some fun to your outfits for the spring, especially if you check out some of Rodarte’s designs. I’m not sure how comfortable leather dresses would be for class, but definitely try it for a night out downtown and not a day stuck in a classroom.

3.Big hats: Sounds like we’re getting some direct inspiration for our neighbors across the pond. You don’t have to be royalty to match a big hat along with your outfit. If you do wear a bigger, floppy hat with an outfit, make any other accessories minimal; a simple thin gold bracelet or a pair of studs won’t overdo things.

Livewell’s Latest

by Shannon Livewell | September 17, 2014

Martina McBride: Bringing Old Soul to a New Country

On Thursday I received a wake-up call from none other than Martina McBride herself. Needless to say it was hard to sleep Wednesday night knowing that such an iconic artist was going to be calling me in the morning to discuss her latest album, but I couldn’t have asked for a better conversation with such an inspirational woman.

Martina McBride (Photo supplied by her publicist at Shore Fire Media)

Martina McBride (Photo supplied by her publicist at Shore Fire Media)

Hailing from Kansas, McBride and her husband, John McBride, are now Nashville residents. The couple owns Blackbird Studios, which the University of New Haven is partnering with in spring 2015 for our music department’s newly developed study away program. McBride will also be coming to our neighborhood on Oct 11 for a leg of her new tour, performing at Waterbury’s Palace Theater.

McBride’s latest album, Everlasting, was released on April 8, and captures the essence and emotion of classic soul, making the tracks contemporary enough to attract new fans while maintaining the die-hards.

“I recorded an album a few years ago, Timeless, that showcased my own renditions of classic country songs, and I loved the feedback we got from that album,” McBride responded when I inquired about the inspiration behind her latest album. “When I have a chance to kind of recreate those classics I find it really fun, and I had the tour for Everlasting in mind from the moment we started working on the album, so I was really excited from the beginning.”

“I’ve never done a show like this before,” she confessed after I stated how unique I imagined the Everlasting tour to be. “We have a four-piece horn section, three background vocalists, and men in matching suits, familiar to the times of the songs I cover. I wanted the tour to be visually entertaining as well as very musical.”

McBride said that the tour will still cover a lot of her classic hits and said she has fans that have attended the show in more than one city because of the tour’s dynamic. The more she spoke about Everlasting on the road, the more I got the impression that everything with McBride is about the whole team. Without her background vocalists, musicians, management and everyone who had a part in this independent album release, she suggests she would not have had the amazing success that stemmed from the album. Part of that success is her fifteenth nomination for “CMA Female Vocalist of the Year.”

“I was just genuinely surprised,” McBride said regarding her nomination. “We’ve had no radio single from this independent release, and even though we’ve been very visible this year, it was really an honor that the industry recognized all of our hard work on this album.” I asked her to describe that feeling. “It never gets old,” she laughed.

Everlasting is a combination of some of the most influential soul tracks—from Motown to Muscle Shoals and everything in between, including classic hits like Aretha Franklin’s “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” and Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes’ “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.”

McBride manages to maintain Sam Cooke’s (“Bring It On Home to Me”) soulful elements while singing a duet with the talented Gavin Degraw. The album also features Kelly Clarkson on the classic “In the Basement,” originally recorded by Etta James and Sugar Pie DeSanto.

“The process of choosing and compiling songs that would fit together was definitely challenging,” McBride admitted. “I wanted everything to be cohesive, and then of course I had to choose songs that would fit my voice and feel authentic to what we were trying to create. It was definitely a treasure hunt.”

She’s right. This album is a compilation of jewels that were stored away for far too long and needed a good dusting before being shown to the world once again. This album will expose a new audience to these treasures and allow old fans to rekindle the moment they fell in love with the soulfulness of each song.

As if she wasn’t busy enough, McBride has recently earned her own show on Sirius XM’s Y2K Country. She described how this opportunity came about.

“When we released the album I was a guest DJ on the show, and they approached me shortly after to see if I would be interested in hosting a show of my own. It’s just another opportunity that makes me want to explore so many options—like possibly a show from the road or getting my background singers involved.”

McBride was getting ready to tape a show shortly after our phone call ended, so I asked her what the most challenging part of the taping process was. “Just the newness of it all and wanting each show to be perfect,” she replied. “I think that’s the biggest challenge for me. Finding stories to relate to each song that make the show interesting and fun.”

After speaking to McBride, I got the vibe that she is all about having fun and loving every minute of it. While it is evident by her immense success that hard work must be a huge priority, it is easy to see that she truly enjoys the time she invests in her albums, tours, radio shows, and life in general.

With her team attitude, passion for music, and optimistic mentality, Martina McBride has proven that she continues to break boundaries in the world of country music.

Staff Second Chances: The Replacements

by Scott Iwaniec | September 17, 2014

The Charger Battery

by The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2014


+ Students are scheduled to rejoice this week upon receiving their bursary refund checks.

+ Family Day is this Saturday, Sept 20. Be sure to enjoy some psychic readings, face painting and family zumba!


-West Haven fire truck steps on UNH letters on Monday, Sept 8—doomed to not graduate.

- Stop parking at Shop Rite and McDonalds, our email accounts can’t take any more abuse.

Battery Charge

Congrats to the girls who got bids during sorority recruitment last week, and good luck to the guys rushing fraternities this week!

Scope It Out!

by The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2014

Here are this week’s SCOPE events:

Friday, September 19:
-Neighbors showing in Gehring 301 at 8 p.m.
-Froyo and popcorn at the Friday Showing
-Make Your Own Sunglasses in the Bartel’s Programming Space 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Saturday September 20:
-Inflatable Fun Fest in the Residential Quad 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Monday, September 22:
-22 Jump Street showing in Gehring 301 at 8 p.m.

Postcards from Prato

by Ashley Arminio | September 17, 2014

Getting your feet wet in Venice

Ashley with shoes in hand to cross through a flooded square in Venice (Photo by Ashley Arminio / Charger Bulletin Photo)

Ashley with shoes in hand to cross through a flooded square in Venice (Photo by Ashley Arminio / Charger Bulletin Photo)

I’m sitting on the rooftop terrace overlooking the Prato mountains and I still can’t believe that for a couple of months, I am able to call this beautiful place home. Prato is rich with culture, and this week I got to experience a piece of that.

Monday, Sept 8 was a big day for Prato because it is the Corteggio Storico di Prato and exposition of the sacred belt, which originates from the Middle Ages and is done five times a year. This holiday is only celebrated in Prato because it is the day that Prato celebrates The Virgin Mary’s birth and showing of the Girdle. The Girdle is supposedly Mary’s belt that she removed and passed down to St. Thomas.

Around 9 p.m. began the parade departing from Town Square with participation from about 600 people dressed in costume that make up many groups and representatives of municipalities from each part of Tuscany. With that came musicians, flag bearers and theatrical entertainment to make the entire celebration festive. The parade ends in Piazza Duomo with more entertainment and the display of the Girdle, which people see and have the opportunity to kiss the case with the Girdle in it before it is locked away until the next mass. What I love about this day is that it’s the only celebration that connects religion and the Italian government.

On Friday, Sept 12, I went to Venice for the day through a program called Bus 2 Alps. The tour guides were in their mid-20s and so friendly and helpful; they definitely made the trip the best it could be.

As soon as we got there, we waked about 40 minutes to Piazza San Marco where we had to take off our shoes and walk to the other side barefoot! Venice floods often when it rains, so it was interesting to see people taking off their shoes to walk in the Piazza and take pictures. If you didn’t want to take off your shoes, they sell boot covers for 10 euro but I decided to take off my shoes for the experience!

Once we made it to the other side, the tour guides took us to get pasta at this tiny restaurant and where you order your pasta from the combination menu or make your own picking out the type of pasta you want, sauce and add-ons. After you order you go back outside and they will hand it to you in a Chinese box through the window; so you have pasta to go! I wish we had these in the United States because the food is fast, and delicious! After we look at shops, took pictures, and went on a Gondola ride! Venice is beautiful and a great place to visit for pictures and gift shopping. The hand blown glass is gorgeous just like the view.

Tonight I’m going to Palla Grossa; I can’t wait to tell you about that!

Here are a few more observations:
1.It’s illegal to not recycle
2.It’s illegal to have guests overnight in a rented room
3.There is no Italian word for hangover. People don’t want others to know when they’re drunk; they want to show they can handle their alcohol and it’s not talked about.
4.What we call bow tie pasta, they call butterfly pasta! And what we call shell pasta, they call ear pasta!
5.Military time is used
6.Temperate is measured in Celsius.

Taylor’s NFL Picks-Week 3

by Taylor Hauck | September 17, 2014

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta looked awful against the Bengals after having a record day against the Saints just a week before. The Falcons’ defense has given up an average of 29 points over the first two games. They need to limit that to start a win streak. Meanwhile, the Bucs have lost both their games by a combined eight points. The Falcons should come away with the win.

Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles: Philadelphia will look to use their high-powered offense to outscore the Redskins. Washington could be without RGIII but that could be a good thing as Kirk Cousins has filled in nicely the last few years for Washington. Expect this to be a high scoring game with the Eagles pulling out a win.

San Diego Chargers @ Buffalo Bills: Buffalo has started the season off well. They hope to continue their good start and move to 3-0. The Chargers have other plans though. San Diego will use the momentum they gained by knocking off the Seahawks and beat the Bills in Buffalo.

Dallas Cowboys @ St. Louis Rams: Dallas bounced back to reach .500. Tony Romo played significantly better and the defense was strong against the Titans. The Rams are coming off a comeback win over the Bucs. Look for the Rams to compete early, but the Cowboys will ultimately be too much for St. Louis.

Houston Texans @ New York Giants: Houston is 2-0 for their fifth straight season. They have taken care of business against their two opponents so far this season. The Giants continued their struggles losing Sunday to start the year 0-2. Eli Manning needs to regroup his team to save their season. Expect the Texans’ defense to shut down the Giants.

Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints:New Orleans was upset in Cleveland on a last second field goal and currently stands at 0-2 on the season. The Saints will look to climb out of the hole and they will need Drew Brees to be more consistent and the defense to make stops. Minnesota is coming off a brutal loss to the Patriots and will need to play around distractions off the field. Expect the Saints to pick up the first win of the season in their home opener.

Tennessee Titans @ Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals are a tough team to beat at home. They won all eight of their home games last season and opened this year with a win. Quarterback Andy Dalton is proving he was worthy of a contract extension. Tennessee played poorly against the Cowboys after upsetting the Chiefs a week before. Cincinnati’s offense should to be too much for the Titans.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns: Cleveland has played been surprising in the early going. They have hung with both their opponents and pulled out a late win over the Saints. Brian Hoyer needs to continue his magic for the Browns to make some more noise this season. The Ravens are looking okay on both sides of the ball, but the off-field distractions could eventually take a toll on the team. This game should be close.

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions: Green Bay’s offense finally came alive against the Jets. Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson looked sharp and hope they can have a repeat performance next week in Detroit. The Packers’ defense is a weak point and needs to limit scoring by the opponent. Detroit looked horrible against the Panthers. Their offense didn’t amount to much. They will need to average more points to win and keep afloat in a tough division.

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars: This game should be a blowout. The Colts can beat anybody when Andrew Luck is on his game. The Jaguars have scored 10 points in their last 4 quarters of football and don’t appear poised to win many games this season.

Oakland Raiders @ New England Patriots: This is a new season but fans have seen the same Raiders team. Oakland is 0-2 and hasn’t even looked ready to compete. They have a young quarterback in Derek Carr trying to revamp the franchise. Oakland is still a few years away from contention. New England is back to 1-1 after a convincing win with superb offense and defense against the Vikings. Expect the Patriots to blow out the Raiders at home.

San Francisco 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals: Despite a 2-0 start by the Cardinals, their run ends there. The 49ers will look to rebound after a loss to the Bears after being up by 17 points to start the game. Arizona has looked good to start the year but this will be a big test to see where they stand in the NFL. Expect a good game.

Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks: The Broncos got out to a big lead again and held on for the win. They need to get ahead of teams and stay far ahead to keep on winning. Seattle hasn’t looked overly impressive so far this season on offense and will need to regroup their defense after a poor showing against the Chargers. Expect the rematch of last year’s Super Bowl to be entertaining, with the Broncos bringing home the win, on the road in front of the loud Seattle fans.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Miami Dolphins: Kansas City is in a 0-2 hole to start the 2014 season. They played better Sunday but still need more work to compete for a playoff spot. Miami was shut down by the Bills to fall to 1-1. The Chiefs should get their first win of the season on the road against the Dolphins.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Carolina Panthers: The Panthers got Cam Newton back and played well to knock off Detroit and open the season with two straight wins. Pittsburgh played poorly against the Ravens Thursday night. Expect the Panthers to beat the Steelers in a close game.

Chicago Bears @ New York Jets: Chicago has come alive after six quarters of poorly played football to start the year. The Bears were able to pull off an upset over the 49ers on Sunday Night Football. Expect the Bears to use that momentum to beat the Jets. The Jets have proven they can compete with the best of teams, but need improvements. Expect a close game with the Bears coming out of the game with a win on Monday Night Football.

Simply Sam’s Style

by Samantha Salvio | September 10, 2014

Men’s Fashion: Beyond the Cargo Pants

After the publishing of my first fashion feature, I got a complaint in regards to men’s fashion. The lack of men’s fashion columns stems from their lack of interest.

Photos of fashion styles Samantha recommends (photos obtained via

Photos of fashion styles Samantha recommends (photos obtained via

“Who wants to go to the mall and shop for the latest trends” is not a popular phrase among male conversation.

While women find shopping therapeutic and consider it a popular bonding activity with close friends, most men would rather plop themselves on a couch to watch a football game. Men seem to find pride in only taking two minutes to get dressed and would rather spend more time complaining about why their female counterparts take an hour to get ready, instead of changing out of the ever-so-popular cargo pants they chose to slip on.

The biggest problem with the way men dress on this campus is not which University of New Haven t-shirt freebie they decided to put on that day, but the way their clothes fit. Rule Number One in men’s fashion is the fit. Oversized tees and baggy pants are not attractive and will never be. Nothing is more irking than when a man decides to throw on a suit and his blazer is too long and his pants aren’t fitted. As a result, instead of looking classy, he looks like a walking box.

Another issue comes up when you finally drag them to a mall; they have zero idea what to look for and end up buying the first thing that catches the eye, in order leave as soon as possible.
As the fall quickly approaches, here are three tips to think about while going shopping:

1.Look at the outfits on the mannequins: They are there for a reason. Especially in the men’s sections in stores; they are meant to show pieces that are trending and how to integrate them into an outfit. It is okay if you don’t love the whole outfit. Instead, look at the outfit pieces separately and see if any of them would go well with what you have currently in your closet, or something you already plan on buying.

2.Ask for help: Stores hire employees and train them in the types of clothing they offer and what pieces and sizes fit different body types. If you walk around a store once or twice and are still lost, ask an employee for their best-selling pieces, or ask their opinion on something you potentially would buy. If you’re too shy to ask a store employee, invite a friend with good fashion sense to come with you.

3.Try it on: Men can use the dressing room too. This is where Rule Number One comes into play and making sure the piece of clothing you buy fits is essential to any outfit you put it with. It doesn’t matter if the design and pattern is good if it doesn’t fit to your body well. Save yourself another trip to the store and try it on there.

Staff Second Chances: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

by Scott Iwaniec | September 10, 2014

The Charger Battery

by Kaitlin Mahar | September 10, 2014


+ Jazzman’s decided to loudly and proudly expand its musical repertoire and play more than the same easy listening playlist on a loop.

+ The Hazell Nut Café opened this past week! They gave away a free gift to their first 50 customers and if you purchased a coffee, you even got a free pastry.


- The easy listening playlist may have been replaced at Jazzman’s, but so has the music now plays so loudly easy studying for students has gone out the window too.
- Mother Nature clearly didn’t get the memo about the Chargers’ first football game, since fans were stuck in the stands sweating more than the football team on Saturday.

The Battery Charge

For the most part, everyone has worked out their schedules, and classes are officially in full swing. September is Self-Improvement Month, so you now have a good excuse to make some positive changes in your life, including some warmer clothes as fall starts to come around!

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