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A Bit of Advice

by Walker Monroe | February 9, 2011

“My friend and her boyfriend bring the phrase “public displays of affection” to a whole new level. How do I ask/tell her to seriously tone it down without sounding too mean? Thanks.

-PDA Witness”

Dear PDA Witness,

The biggest three things you must ask yourself before you talk to your roommate is what is truly considered mean, what do you perceive to be mean, and what you think she’ll perceive as being mean.

Obviously going up to her and saying “hey get a room,” or being very blunt is not always going to work. Let’s be honest, for some people, it encourages them even more because they like giving people something to talk about.

However, I am going to assume that this person is truly your friend, and, if that’s the case, you should approach her (preferably at a quiet time when the boyfriend isn’t around) and talk to her openly, but respectfully.

For example: “Hey. I just wanted to talk to you about you and your boyfriend. I know you guys are that close, but sometimes it’s kind of awkward when its around me. Do you think you could tone it down just a little?”

Don’t be surprised if your friend asks questions about why it bothers you, and if she does, tell her honestly about the reasons why it bothers you. If she is really your friend, she’ll understand.

I hope this helps.


Walker Monroe

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A Bit of Advice

by Walker Monroe | January 26, 2011

Hey Everyone,

My name is Walker Monroe, and I am the new advice columnist for the Charger Bulletin. One very important thing that you should know is that the name Walker Monroe is a pseudonym that I go under as a writer for personal reasons. I can, however, reveal that I am a Music Industry/ Sound Recording double major and currently in my sophomore year.

I know this portion of the article will be short due to the fact that the column will mostly consist of questions by you the students and my attempts to answer them. If you have any questions please email I will attempt to answer as many questions as I can. However, please understand I cannot place every question into the column.

Also in the event that I am not able to answer your question, I will do my best to direct you to someone who is more qualified to answer. If your question is of an extreme matter, I would advise you to seek help from a professional.

I hope all of you have a great and successful spring semester, and I hope to hear from you soon.

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