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Friday Night Lights

by Francesca Fontanez | October 23, 2014

The Kayo Field was all aglow with Friday night lights on Oct. 17 as students partook in all sorts of recreational festivities.

One Friday each month, ChargerREC staff members and Office of Residential Life come together to sponsor “Friday Night Lights,” a program intended to give students a positive option for Friday night activity. The two departments have decided to come together this year to create a more inclusive environment.

For each Friday Night Lights, the two sponsors each have different activities planned.

This past Friday, ORL had pumpkins for painting and a mac and cheese bar set up. Francisco Alvarez, a Resident Director, mentioned that they like to always have a snack and a craft for students, so they can stay busy and energized, and the sport run through ChargerREC was softball.

Regarding next month’s Friday Night Lights, Brendan Ryan, the REC sports supervisor, said they like to “switch things up,” and plans to have Flag Football as the sport. As for ORL, Alvarez has a hot chocolate bar and craft in mind.

All students are encouraged to participate in this fun, free, safe, monthly event!


by Elissa Sanci | October 22, 2014

The Black Student Union, along with sixteen other organizations, showed their support in the fight against breast cancer on Oct. 19 in the Beckerman Recreation Center with their fourth annual Save-A-Breast fair.

Students form a human ribbon (Charger Bulletin photo)

Students form a human ribbon (Photo by Sam Mathewson/Charger Bulletin photo)

From 1 to 3 p.m., 16 different recognized student organizations had tables set up around the Rec Center, each raising awareness for breast cancer in their own way.

“It was cool to see everyone’s creativity with their tables,” said Devin Rose, BSU vice president. “Everyone had their own thing going on.”

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women, according the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
Each year, it is estimated that over 220,000 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 will die from it, the foundation states.

The Save-A-Breast fair started four years ago; the Black Student Union wanted to have a philanthropy, so we felt this would be best,” said Jasmine Pierce, president of BSU. “We put together this fair in the hope to cosponsor with people we normally never cosponsor with to show diversity and show all organizations can come together.”

The sisters of Sigma Iota Alpha offered mini pumpkin painting; the Latin American Student Association offered a makeshift photo booth for students to have their picture taken in; the Ski and Snowboard Club offered pink chocolate dipped pretzels; and To Write Love on Her Arms made mammograhams: frosting between two graham crackers, made to resemble a breast in a mammogram machine.

“The fair had an upbeat, positive attitude,” said Kayla Katt, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma. “It was great to see so many student organizations get involved.”
Food was served, and the Monsoon Dance Team and the Elite Step Team performed for the crowd. DJ Baby J played music throughout the entirety of the event, and items were raffled off periodically through the afternoon.

“I think it went really well based on past years,” said Devin Rose, BSU vice president. “[This year’s event] almost broke the record for most co-sponsors.”

*See back page for messages from campus to those affected by breast cancer

Dancing with the undead

by The Charger Bulletin | October 22, 2014

St. Jude Up til Dawn hosted the Zombie Prom in the Beckerman Rec Center on Friday, Oct. 17, to raise money for St. Jude’s Hospital.

Lauren Granato and Joshua Richards posing at Zombie Prom 2014 (Photo provided by UNH Photography Club)

Lauren Granato and Joshua Richards posing at Zombie Prom 2014 (Photo provided by UNH Photography Club)

The event was structured as a high school prom, with food, photos, and fun. Guests were encouraged to come as zombies and ghouls to “scare away cancer” and celebrate Halloween. The Undead paid $2 for admission while those who came as normally dressed humans paid $3. Humans were able to channel their inner zombie by getting their make-up done at the make-up booth.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a pediatric treatment and research facility that aims to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric diseases through research and treatment. As stated as part of their mission statement, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay.

At St. Jude, families never have to worry about the bill—the hospital funds treatment, travel, housing, food and research conducted because “all a family should worry about is helping their child live.”

St. Jude shares all the breakthroughs they make worldwide, and treatments invented at the facility have helped raise the childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to more than 80 percent since opening its door in 1962.

The University of New Haven chapter of St. Jude Up til Dawn has been on the UNH campus for the past seven years, and has been hosting Zombie Prom for the last three in an effort to raise money and awareness for St. Jude.

“I think Zombie Prom is a campus tradition that draws a broad audience—fighting childhood cancer is something that everyone can relate to,” said Colby Thammavongsa, former internal director of the UNH chapter of St. Jude Up til Dawn. “Zombie prom is a great way to support the hospital because it’s a seasonal theme that interests everyone.”

Several co-sponsors collaborated with St. Jude Up til Dawn to run the dance, including the Paranormal Investigation Research Organization, the Photo Club and WNHU Radio Station.

PIRO provided the decorations the Halloween spirit. Victoria Sanborn, president of PIRO, was very enthusiastic about helping at this event. “Zombies are up our alley,” she said.

Throughout the rest of October, there will be several PIRO Sponsored events. Such events include a Harvest Party, psychic readings, and the Costume Ball on Oct. 31.

The Photo Club set up a photo booth for guests to remember this night of the living dead.

“Up til Dawn has asked us to do it, and we were happy to help out,” Lauren Granato, president of the Photo Club, said.

2014 Zombie Prom attendees  (Photo provided by UNH Photography Club)

2014 Zombie Prom attendees
(Photo provided by UNH Photography Club)

The photo backdrop was decorated with caution tape, pumpkins and yellow and green lights to add to the spooky atmosphere. Photos will be available on their Facebook page, within the fourth week of October.

WNHU played music of both popular and Halloween genres. Tony Bonano, a member of WNHU, enjoyed maintaining the equipment and dancing on the dance floor. WNHU will be opening up their new station location on Ruden Street on Oct. 25.

Over 80 people were in attendance and the dance raised over $150, all of which goes to St. Jude Hospital. The “best dressed” zombie award was presented to Josh Richards and Amanda Sudowsky.
“I’m just so happy I won Female Best Costume of the night,” Sudowsky said.

Zombie Prom is one of the many fundraising events that will lead up to St. Jude Up til Dawn’s Finale event on Feb. 28.

The Finale event serves to celebrate the money raised by the chapter throughout the year while still acknowledging the families that stay up all night with their children.

UNH professor impacts education in Conn.

by Miriam Correia | October 22, 2014

The University of New Haven’s Nancy Niemi has been appointed to Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education’s Network for Transforming Education Grant Team.

Nancy Niemi (Photo provided by Niemi)

Nancy Niemi (Photo provided by Niemi)

Recently, Connecticut has been awarded quite a few grants, including a grant to transform school climate, the Project Prevent Grant, which is providing funding to school districts to assist students who are directly or indirectly exposed to violence, and a grant for School Emergency Management.

It takes teams of great people to ensure that Connecticut obtains grants that will be beneficial to the growth of the state and keep them for the allotted time period.

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) created the Network for Transforming Educator Preparation to support states that were ready to train education professionals in three key areas: (1) Licensure, (2) Program Approval, and (3) Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting. In October of 2013, they announced that seven states were selected to participate in their two year pilot program so that educators would be “ready on the first day of their career to prepare our students for college, work and life,” says a statement on the CCSSO website. Connecticut was one of the states chosen for the pilot program.

Nancy Niemi, professor and chair of the UNH Education Department, has been invited to serve on Connecticut’s Commissioner of Education’s Network for Transforming Education Grant Team specifically for the Network for Transforming Educator Preparation (NTEP).

Connecticut is one of only seven states to earn this grant and they are building a team of responsible educators to make sure the money is well-spent on enhancing teacher preparation programs.

“The Connecticut team is responsible for administering this grant, and our job will be to design better, and integrated data systems for Connecticut schools and for the Institutions of Higher Education that prepare teachers for those schools,” said Niemi.

When the work is done, the initiative will affect all schools of education in Connecticut.

Niemi has been a teacher educator for over 20 years so she has a lot of experience to back up her nomination from the Commissioner. She started out wanting to teach English but then she changed her route.

“I quickly realized that I had bigger questions about formal schooling and its role in helping to create social equity; teaching public school wouldn’t help me answer those questions, and so I became a professor of education in order to study those relationships. Now, I research and teach – it’s the best of both worlds,” she said.

Regarding the initiative, Niemi intends to impact it in two ways.

“One, by informing them about the often-overlooked aspects of teacher preparation in the context of American culture – that it’s comprised of mostly white, middle class women and until we change that, the profession will not radically change in status or pay,” she said. “And two, that over-regulation of teacher preparation programs is making it very difficult for universities to keep excellent teacher prep programs, and that’s not a good thing.”

When asked if she thinks this grant will make a great impact on the education system in Connecticut, Niemi responded, “Sadly, not as much as I’d like it to. We’re still tinkering around the edges of change rather than having the political will in the states to make wholesale changes. Doing that kind of work takes more courage and political power than this grant has. Still, the major constituents of change are talking through this grant—kindergarten through twelfth grade schools, colleges, and government—and that’s never a bad thing!”

As a growing university that specializes in experiential education, it is important that we have educators who embody these beliefs and strive to be an example for their students.

It’s too easy to talk at students without experience behind it, but the fact that UNH has many professors who lead with action every day is an integral part of the UNH experience.

Professor Niemi is an example of one of these professors.

Westside’s official opening

by Samantha Mathewson | October 22, 2014

Twelve University of New Haven community officials grasped golden scissors to make Westside’s opening official.

Cermonial Ribbon Cutting of Westside (Photo by Samantha Mathewson / Charger Bulletin Photo)

Cermonial Ribbon Cutting of Westside (Photo by Samantha Mathewson / Charger Bulletin Photo)

The ceremonial ribbon-cutting took place Oct. 16, at 11 a.m. in Westside Hall.

President Kaplan identified the newest residence hall as state of the art and most contemporary in terms of design, creativity and utility. “This was in many ways a very unique project from the financing project, to the very short time we had to complete it,” said Kaplan, who thanked everyone involved that made it possible on behalf of the university.

President Kaplan attributed Mayor Edward O’Brien of West Haven, who helped revitalize the area around the campus. Mayor O’Brien could not attend the ceremony but was represented by John Lewis, executive assistant to the mayor, city of West Haven.

Several leading people from Wells Fargo NY attended the ceremony. Wells Fargo was the primary credit bank of the project. Senior Vice President, Larry Higgins, of Calif., also joined the campus for the ceremonial ribbon-cutting.

“Wells Fargo has been very instrumental in helping us transform this campus into a high quality residential experience for our students and first class academic environment for our students, faculty, and staff. Without their vision and support we wouldn’t be standing here today and we wouldn’t be this far along, because they not only supported this project, which was financed by other entities, but they have supported a lot of our bolder initiatives. They have been very understanding, very supportive, and frankly, very visionary,” said Kaplan.

Three additional banks mutually supported this project financially, including Webster Bank United bank and Berkshire bank.

“These three banks recognize the tremendous growth of the university, along with Wells Fargo, and the importance of this project in serving the needs of our students, and we are very grateful for their vision and making sure we could financially support and realize this important project,” said President Kaplan.

Westside Hall is a four-story, 370-bed residence hall for first-year students and staff. The $38.6 million features classroom space, a dining room with outdoor patio dining and state of the art technology. The 144,000-square-foot building also includes a parking garage with 76 spaces.

Westside Hall construction started last year and as President Kaplan said when thanking the many that made the project possible, “Their efforts resulted in an incredible facility that really was built in absolute record time, and for the bankers, the most important thing, on budget.”

Vice President for Facilities and Operational Management, George Synodi, was thanked for his financial leadership and Louis Annino, associate vice president for facilities, was also thanked for driving everyone towards making sure the facility was opened on time.

Philip Bartels spoke on behalf of the board of governors as chair, in celebrating the opening of, “a remarkable facility.” Bartels first recognized Anemone Schweizer-Kaplan for her remarkable interior design contributions to this project.

When asked how she would describe the interior of Westside, she said, “fun, comfy, modern and contemporary. I got my inspiration from nature – blue skies, green grass, yellow for the sun and orange for sunsets. Overall [it’s supposed to be] peaceful, so to provide the perfect study and learning atmosphere.”

Undergraduate Student Government President, Richard Rotella, also spoke at the ceremony, recognizing the many changes he has observed throughout his years on campus. “When I arrived here four years ago, it was a very different place; in fact this [Westside] was a parking lot. It has been very exciting to see the many changes that have been made in my short time here, and the many more that are to come.”

Anything but Burnt

by Samantha Mathewson | October 22, 2014

Burnt Bakery of Woodbridge, Conn. will be celebrating its first birthday Friday, Nov. 14.

Pb and j cookies being made by a Burnt Bakery employee  (Photo obtained by

Pb and j cookies being made by a Burnt Bakery employee
(Photo obtained by


With a new spin on the word burnt, owner Rebecca Colburn’s philosophy is baking well-done, and while most question why she would name her bakery Burnt, she explained that’s what makes her philosophy so important in that it is the main feature of her bakery and even framed on the wall.

“A bakery named Burnt? Yes. Why? Because Burnt isn’t just a name that makes people scratch their heads, it stands for a new-again philosophy of baking that requires a bit of confidence to stand behind,” said Colburn. “It means fresh ingredients, from-scratch preparation, and a slightly skewed sense of humor. Being a customer of Burnt means that you’re OK with predictability, because you can be sure it’s always going to be delicious, always everyone’s favorite, and you’re always going to want to come back for more, and, they’re never actually burnt. I mean, if I was really concerned about burning baked goods, I certainly wouldn’t name my bakery Burnt.”

However, despite their best efforts over the past year, Colburn explained business is not as busy as it could be. “We have tried different marketing strategies,” said Colburn, who further explained that the difficulty of getting people into the bakery can be attributed to the store being hidden off of Rt. 63 and set back on 214 Amity Rd. in Woodbridge, Conn.
Colburn grew up locally in Conn. and has always wanted to open her own bakery.

“After working for other businesses in the food industry for 12 years, I finally decided it was time to open my own place so I could give the community a different spin on the traditional baked goods,” said Colburn.

Their celebration of being open officially for one year will feature specials and raffles throughout the day. From 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. will be BYOGO Cookies, from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. the special will be buy two Cake Pops, get one free, and from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. will be “BDay Happy Hour” which will feature $2 bar specials including cookie bars, brownie bars and blondies.

A baked goods basket and Cake Pops will be raffled off and guests are asked to bring a “present” to be donated to Toys for Tots, which the bakery is sponsoring.

Over the past year, in addition to building their bakery business, they have helped and donated to numerous organizations in the community, including Valley Goes Pink, where Burnt sells pink cupcakes every Saturday at their bakery and the money made is donated; Woodbridge Youth Center’s end of the year party in Dec., “Bethwood Bash;” and the Kennedy Center, where they sponsored a special needs girl and brought her into the bakery to work with the staff and help cut fruits and mix cookie batter, for example.

“It’s [this past year] has been exciting, a little overwhelming, but a great experience overall,” said Colburn.

Their menu features cakes, pies, cupcakes, truffle pops, keylime and lemon bars, Cake Pops, S’more bars, brownies, cream puffs, breakfast pastries and loaves, and cookies, with Kitchen Sink cookies and Cannibal cookies being Burnt’s two specialty cookies.

Elmo Cupcakes  (Photo obtained by

Elmo Cupcakes (Photo obtained by

Burnt is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursdays and Fridays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but closed on Mondays. They can be reached at 203-387-7000 or at and or by email at

Messages to those affected by Breast Cancer

by The Charger Bulletin | October 22, 2014

Save-A-Breast Messages

Breast-Cancer-Ribbon 2


To my neighbor that passed of breast cancer 11 years ago …you are missed

-Gabby Nowicki


Paula Himmelson:

I’m so proud of you for staying strong. I love you

-Bri Folkl


I’m so proud of my mom’s best friend for being so strong for so long. She was pronounced cancer-free 2 years ago!



For my Nanny and aunt Julie overcoming breast cancer and being 2 of the strongest women I know




For my mom’s friend Liz Cappel-

Stay positive and keep fighting like you have for over 10 years


Ben Atwater


Stay Strong! Keep Fighting!


Thank you for being so strong


You are stronger than most!


Keep fighting girls!! You are strong


You’re a figure of strength to all who are blessed with your friendship. Don’t give up!


Just believe. You can conquer anything life throws at you.


Keep fighting and keep hope!! You are all strong and all survivors!


Women and men who suffer from or have survived breast cancer, you are my inspiration and warriors. Stay strong and fight hard. Grandma you are a two time survivor whom I love with all my heart. Save the boobies always!


Keep Smiling


Keep your chin up!


To Sara F:

Live life to the fullest

From Tony


You are stronger than you think and you will get through this!


Thinking of you this month and every other one. Stay strong and fight on!


We will never stop walking for a cure! Stay strong and keep up hope!


You are stronger than you think!


Stay strong! We will never stop looking for a cure!


Stay strong and keep on fightin’! –Michelle Dudo


You are beautiful and strong. Always keep fighing!


Mom you are so strong

Love, Maddie


Stay strong


You are strong! You can make it through this. You are never alone


You’re always in our prayers –Brothers at Sigma Chi


Stay Strong!


Hope you feel better! Kick cancer’s butt! Fight hard and persevere!-Danielle Muliero


You’re strong and beautiful! Keep fighting and smiling! –Brianna


I would like to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You will overcome this, don’t worry and have faith –A Friend


Hang in there! We are almost done! Stay strong, beautiful.


Stay strong! You’re someone’s hero!


You rock! Keep fighting!


You are bigger than your struggle. Remain optimistic and carry joy and love in your heart. You’re never alone!


You will get through this – A fellow breast cancer fighter


Stay strong Melissa Doherty –Anelia


Continue to be strong and pray. God is with you every step of the way. – Dev


God bless you. Trust in the Lord, and give him your burdens that everything will be alright. –Danielle C.


Don’t give up the fight, you will win!


Stay Strong! Don’t give up the fight!


Never stop the fight!-Robin


You’ll always have support from your family, don’t forget!


Stay strong and fight on!


To all the young victims of breast cancer, keep your heads high because God has a better plan for you. There’s always a good reason for everything in God’s eyes.


Don’t lose faith, you are strong and can kick cancer’s but. Don’t forget that you are beautiful inside and out. Stay strong!


Don’t doubt the strength you have. You have a million people supporting you each day. We look up to you because of the fight you have inside. You’re our hero.


You are beautiful and strong. Omega Phi Beta sorority incorporated supports you and cares!!!


You will survive my sister! You are a survivor!! Love, Briana Young


You can overcome this! Stay positive


Stay strong and keep fighting


You can do it! Breast cancer is only for the strong. That’s you!


Keep your strength and keep positive. You are so much stronger than you think! Get well soon.


You are all strong. Keep fighting. God will help you the rest of the way.


Stay strong and have strength. You’re going to make it out of this and be a beautiful person for it!!!


Stay strong. We believe in you. Never stop fighting. You can beat this


Keep fighting. You have all the support, you can do it! –Lina and Kirstyn


My aunts and grandma have breast cancer. They are the strongest people I know. So are you. Keep fighting! Stay beautiful. –Emily


It all gets better! –Josh


Stay strong! Keep fighting and I believe in you!


Keep fighting! Stay strong and know that you’re all loved. –Michelle


My great grandma was affected by breast cancer and survived! You are strong and can do this for yourself and future generations! –Victoria Sanborn xoxo


Stay strong! You are beautiful!


You are strong and you are beautiful! Keep the faith and hope; you can beat this.


Breast-Cancer-Ribbon 2

You are strong. You are brave. You are beautiful. You will make it.


To all those affected by Breast Cancer, you are incredibly strong people! Keep fighting, and never loose hope.


Do not give up the fight! You are a beautiful individual and are strong. Stay strong and everything will be all right. J


Stay strong. This is a battle you will win.


I hope things get better, you have my support.


You are stronger than you believe and more amazing than you will ever know.


Keep on fighting. Be thankful for the little things in life. You’ve got this! I’ve got faith in you that you will do great.


Yes, you are being faced with a difficult situation. But you are strong, you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are strong and you will win.


You are incredible! Love yourself.


You’re so strong. I believe in you and I hope everything you’ve been through makes you realize you’re even more beautiful and will make it.


To all breast cancer survivors, you are some of the strongest people on earth and we respect you more than words could ever even begin to explain. You’re never alone in your battles.

- Casey and Alex


by The Charger Bulletin | October 17, 2014

Come by BSU’s Save-A-Breast event tomorrow! In addition to the many other fun tables, make sure to stop by The Charger Bulletin’s to leave a message in next week’s issue for someone affected by Breast Cancer. The first 15 people to visit The Charger Bulletin’s table and leave a note will receive a free Charger Bulletin frisbee or pair of sunglasses!


Fire Science Club’s Burn Box

by The Charger Bulletin | October 9, 2014

By Gabriella Pericone

Contributing Writer


Photo of Burn Box (Photo by Gabriella Pericone)

The University of New Haven Fire Science Club teamed up with the Connecticut Fire Sprinklers Coalition to hold a side-by-side fire demonstration of residential sprinklers and non-residential sprinklered occupancies.

The event took place Oct. 8, in the Kayo parking lot at UNH. The goal of this event is to help to form new legislation requiring residential fire sprinklers in one and two family new construction occupancies. The demonstration was eye opening, as two rooms were lit on fire. The time duration and intensity of the fire was incredible as Fire Fighters moved in to put it out.


FӧD provides made-to-order food to university students

by Samantha Mathewson | October 8, 2014

The University of New Haven now houses the fourteenth FӧD dining hall in the country.

Annalisa places her first order in the new FӧD system (Charger Bulletin photo)

Annalisa places her first order in the new FӧD system (Charger Bulletin photo)

FӧD by Sodexo stands for Food on Demand and delivers a restaurant style dining experience. It operates on a touch screen ordering system, allowing students to customize their meal and create endless combinations.

“It is restaurant quality,” said Daryeal Murphy, food services manager for Sodexo at UNH. “Everything is prepared here, nothing is frozen, and the chicken (for example) is proportioned and cooked fresh every day.”

FӧD is located in Westside Hall, and opened to the campus community Monday, Oct. 6; however, a selected few were invited to FӧD’s Golden Ticket preview event held Friday, Oct. 3, as a test run and tasting of the new food options.

“I was completely surprised with the food at Westside,” said junior Annalissa Berardinelli. “It was above and beyond my expectations. I think Sodexo is really trying to fit the needs of the students on campus. We are lucky to be 1 of 14 schools that have meals cooked to our order. I recommend the Killer French fries.”

The difference between the dining hall in Westside and The Marketplace in Bartels is that the food served in Bartels is batch cooking, while the food served in Westside is cooked as ordered.

“The food is the same, it is just prepared differently. In Bartels, we just don’t have the time to grill all the chicken individually (as ordered). The food is even plated to be appealing to the eye,” said Murphy, noting the ceramic square plates.

Students and guests are required to swipe their ID or pay when entering the new dining hall before ordering. They are also given a beeper that is synced to their order number to alert them when their order is complete.

Upon ordering, you are prompted to select an appetizer, entrée, side and desert. Additionally, while you wait there is a complementary salad bar and soup station. A drink, and refills, are also included in your meal.

“One swipe includes everything,” said Murphy.

While you are waiting, there are TV screens located throughout the dining hall that show your meal’s progress and how many minutes are left until it is ready.

“I have a seven to eight minute goal cook time,” said Murphy, “but I told my cooks they should have the food ready in four minutes.”

Murphy explained the new cooking procedures are more labor intensive than that of Bartels, so cooks for the Westside dining hall were selected based on a practical cooking test where they were critiqued on their food presentation, time, recipe and sanitation.

There are four meal plan options for UNH students, all which allocate a certain number of swipes for the new FӧD reasturant style dinning in Westside.

  Killer fries appetizer paired with a specialty pizza the desert of the day. (Photo provided by Sodexo)

Killer fries appetizer paired with a specialty pizza and the desert of the day. (Photo provided by Sodexo)

The Charger Unlimited Gold meal plan allows unlimited access to board meals, plus $525 dining dollars. This plan allows students to swipe their card 14 times per week for breakfast and dinner Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on the weekends at the Marketplace or FöD. The Charger Unlimited Blue (FӧD) meal plan allows unlimited access to board meals, plus $200 dining dollars. This plan will allow students to swipe their card 19 times per week for breakfast or dinner Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on the weekends at FöD or The Marketplace. For lunch, if students wish to use a card swipe they have to eat at FӧD, while if they wish to use dining dollars, they would have to eat at Bartels.

The Charger Flex 100 meal plan for students living in apartment style housing with full or partial kitchens only includes 100 meal swipes per semester, plus $825 dining dollars. All 100 swipes can be used at the Marketplace or 75 swipes at the Marketplace and 25 swipes at FöD. The Charger Flex 150 meal plan allows 150 meal swipes per semester, plus $700 dining dollars and provides the option of using all 150 swipes at the Marketplace or 125 swipes at the Marketplace and 25 swipes at FöD.

Westside’s dining hall has the same hours as Bartels’, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week, and brunch and dinner on the weekends; however, it also features a late night option and re-opens for students from 10 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. The late night option will require students to pay using their dining dollars, cash or credit card only.

“I think it is a new, fresh taste for the campus and I am very excited to see it,” said Richard Rotella, president of the Undergraduate Student Government Association.
Murphy explained that this new option is very open to student and guest suggestions in deciding what to take out or add to the menu mid-semester.

“It (Westside) is a restaurant,” said Murphy. “The only difference is you are the server and the guest.”

The new dining hall even features a new method of cleanup, with a conveyer belt for students to put their dishes on instead of scraping and sorting them before returning them in Bartels.

“I am very excited. It’s come out great. We have our work cut out for us to produce the same quality, but my guys are good,” said Daryeal. “I anticipate smooth and successful operation throughout the semester.”

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