A Letter From Dean Johnson

Dear Members of the Class of 2019:

Welcome! You have arrived and are officially a college student. The past year of applying to colleges, worrying about getting in, the happiness you experienced when your acceptance letter came, your high school graduation and saying goodbye to family and friends as you prepared to come to UNH is behind you. You are about to start a wonderful new adventure, a new beginning. During the next four years, you will be challenged academically and personally. As you encounter challenges, I hope that you will utilize the many University resources which are available to you.
The following are some success strategies to insure you have a good year:
Put academics first. College is different than high school and you are here because you want to be. Work hard, manage your time well, go to class, meet deadlines, utilize campus resources, and seek help when you need it. Get to know your professors and meet with your academic advisor on a regular basis. Your learning will depend on the interest, motivation and discipline you bring to the classroom and your studies.
Challenge yourself, explore possibilities, meet new people, discover, and venture outside the UNH campus into the greater New Haven community. Be persistent and don’t give up. Be open to students with different lifestyles and values from your own but also be true to your own values and beliefs.
Make good choices and be a community member who treats others the way you wish to be treated. Be sure you understand University policies and the Code of Conduct found online in the Student Handbook.
Take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise.
Get involved. Join a club or organization; participate in the many activities, events, sports contests, community service opportunities, speakers and programs offered. Become a contributor to your campus community and actively participate in your college experience.
Your first few days at UNH may seem like a whirlwind – meeting new people, adjusting to a new routine, finding your way around campus. You may also feel lonely, homesick, and wonder if you will make new friends and fit in. These are very normal feelings which others around you will also be experiencing. Adjusting means learning how to deal with a multitude of issues and your Resident Assistant, Academic Peer Mentor, Academic Advisor, First Year Mentor, the First Year Success Center, faculty and staff are all here to assist you as you make the transition to the University.
I encourage you to stop in to see me if you have a question or concern and look forward to getting to know you over the next four years. Best wishes for much success and a wonderful college experience filled with learning and fun as you prepare for your future.


Rebecca Johnson
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and
Dean of Students

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Meet the First Years

fresh 2
Name: Danielle Hernandez
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Why UNH?: UNH has a lot of options to offer students and is a large community on a small campus
Most excited for: Graduating with degrees and having new connections

fresh 4
Name: Fatima Fraiter
Major: Forensic Psychology
Hometown: Vernon, Conn.
Why UNH?: Based on the majors, New Haven is the best in Conn. for CJ
Most excited for: Becoming involved with community service

fresh 5
Name: Dante Gallucci
Major: Marine Biology
Hometown: East Haven, Conn.
Why UNH?: UNH was generous with financial aid, had credibility and I wanted to stay local
Most excited for: The education I was looking for and the helpful staff offers with career opportunities

fresh 1
Name: Ray Hofferman
Major: Computer Engineering
Hometown: Milford, Conn
Why UNH?: I heard good things and that it was good for my major
Most excited for: Internships and being able to work on projects

Name: Ryan Olah
Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Milford, Conn
Why UNH?: Great engineering program
Most excited for: Internship and projects I will have to work on

Name: Noah MacDonald
Major: National Security
Hometown: Southington,CT
Why UNH?: It’s a really good school for what I want to do
Most excited for: Intern programs with the FBI and CIA

fresh 3
Name: Irie Tillman
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Philadelphia, Penn.
Why UNH?: Liked how it was close to the city
Most excited for: Being away from home

Name: Kristen Boc
Major: Forensic Sci.
Hometown: Delaware
Why UNH?: I liked the cool environment and it was not too big. It seemed like a good fit.
Most excited for: Meeting new people and learning new things

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