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UNH remembers 13 years

Students gathered together in the Maxcy Quad at the University of New Haven on Sept 11 to commemorate the thirteenth anniversary of one of America’s most tragic days. [caption id="attachment_17062" align="alignleft" width="300"] Students honor those who were affected 13 years ago ...
UNH remembers 13 years

Charging Forward

Charging Forward is the University of New Haven’s new initiative meant to prioritize academic and administrative programs and reallocate resources to better the campus community. “Charging Forward is not a cost-cutting effort; it is strategic resource allocation,” said University President Steven H. Kaplan, who revealed the task force recommendations to staff and faculty during campus-wide […]

September 17, 2014 - read the full story

President’s Corner

My fellow Chargers, With the thirteenth anniversary of Sept 11 attacks just the other day, take this time to remember all the things you cherish and hold dear. Think about the dreams you have and goals you wish to achieve and make them happen, not only for yourself but for those who did not have […]

September 17, 2014 - read the full story

Women’s Rugby tackles their first game

By Annalisa Berardinelli The UNH Women’s Rugby Club is new to the University of New Haven. The growing team of 25 hit the ground running Sunday, Sept 14 in their first match against Southern Connecticut State University. Though the team suffered a loss, each player played extremely well. During the first half, Cecelia Cacciatore, one […]

September 17, 2014 - read the full story

Life just happens

By Brianna Rodriguez A review of local author and clinical social worker, Joan Hoey’s new, inspirational self-help book filled with stories about Hoey, her clients and family.  If you haven’t read Purposeful Destiny by Joan Hoey, you should. It is extremely relatable especially for college students – at a time when everyone is expecting us […]

September 17, 2014 - read the full story

An open letter to the professor who exploited his resources

by The Charger Bulletin | September 17, 2014 0 comments

Dear Professor (who shall remain nameless), On behalf of the entire student body, I would just like to personally thank you for the email you sent out last week inviting my peers and me to join LinkedIn and, furthermore, be part of each other’s professional networks. While I do not know whether or not it […]

Yik Yak makes me want to Yak

by Kayla Katt | September 17, 2014 1 comments

Move over Tinder; Yik Yak is the new number one app people are talking about here at the University of New Haven. Yik Yak, an anonymous gossip app that launched in November 2013. “The app was founded by two Kappa Alpha fraternity brothers, Brooks Buffington and Tyler Droll, who graduated in 2013 from Furman University […]

I wish I didn’t see the sign

by Gabby Nowicki | September 17, 2014 0 comments

I am sure the fellow University of New Haven community has heard over and over about the latest editions to the school, including the three million dollar renovation to the run down freshmen dorm, Bethel Hall, and a glamorous new residence hall accompanied with classrooms and a new dining all. One renovation that went a […]

What I’ve Learned from Working Retail

by Jenn Harrington | September 17, 2014 0 comments

You’ll hear anyone who has ever spent a substantial amount of time in the restaurant business or retail say, “Everyone should have this job at some point in their life.” It’s true. Working for a large clothing company for over two years has taught me several things that I can use in the “real-world.” Day […]

President’s Corner

by Richard Rotella | September 17, 2014 0 comments

My fellow Chargers, With the thirteenth anniversary of Sept 11 attacks just the other day, take this time to remember all the things you cherish and hold dear. Think about the dreams you have and goals you wish to achieve and make them happen, not only for yourself but for those who did not have […]

Treasurer’s Tip of the Week

by John Foti | September 17, 2014 0 comments

Purchase order?! The university is currently pushing to utilize purchase orders and requisitions more and more for all types of goods and services but don’t worry; purchase orders are simple and they actually help keep track of orders and purchases more so than a simple check request! There is a step by step guide on […]

Ashley’s Top 5: America’s Got Talent Edition

by Ashley Winward | September 17, 2014 0 comments

I’m the queen of being handed weird opportunities; whether it be free tickets to some eclectic concerts, chances to be in tour videos or interview lead singers in cramped tour vans, I love these little moments because I get a really funny new perspective on things. When I was given the opportunity to be in […]

Lee Brice doesn’t dance

by Elyse Von Der Fecht | September 17, 2014 0 comments

Lee Brice, born Kenneth Mobley Brice Jr., is an American country singer/songwriter. On June 8, 2010, he released his debut album Love Like Crazy with singles “Love Like Crazy” and “Beautiful Every Time.” Two years later on April 24, 2012, he released his second album Hard 2 Love featuring singles “A Woman Like You,” “Hard […]

Dream Your Life Away

by Glenn Rohrbacker | September 17, 2014 0 comments

Do you like Mumford & Sons? The Lumineers? Any other pop-folk bands? If you answered yes to any of these, Vance Joy is the guy for you. He is another great prospective star you can add to this list. Vance released his debut album on Sept 9 titled Dream Your Life Away. The Australian singer-songwriter […]

Livewell’s Latest

by Shannon Livewell | September 17, 2014 0 comments

Martina McBride: Bringing Old Soul to a New Country On Thursday I received a wake-up call from none other than Martina McBride herself. Needless to say it was hard to sleep Wednesday night knowing that such an iconic artist was going to be calling me in the morning to discuss her latest album, but I […]

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