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USGA in focus

by The Charger Bulletin | April 16, 2014

By: Dan Davies, USGA Senator

This week’s USGA Meeting took place at 10 a.m. in the German Club, where the following occurred:

+ Any clubs wishing to sign up for the next club fair should contact Senior Vice President Andrew Collins. There will be a points incentive for clubs that attend this club fair.

+ The first annual “Passing the Torch” event took place last Friday at 3pm. This event was necessary for all clubs wishing to be re-recognized this upcoming fall.

+ USGA would like to remind everyone that Last Man Standing will be taking place from April 21st to the 25th.

+ USGA confirmed the appointment of Annalisa Berardinelli as the Editor-in-Chief,

and Gabriella Pericone as Assistant Editor of the Chariot Yearbook for 2014-2015.

+USGA also confirmed Derek Watson as President of SCOPE, as well as Amy Reidy and

Patricia McKernan as the Vice Presidents of SCOPE for the 2014- 2015 academic year.

+ The University of New Haven will be closed this Friday in observance of Good Friday,

so there will be no USGA Meeting. However, please note that classes will still be

taking place as scheduled.

 Any USGA related questions? Feel free to contact myself or any other USGA Senator!

A Sprint to the Party

by Brenda Bussulwa | October 23, 2013

On Friday, Oct. 18 in chilly weather as the day was ending, students gathered in their bathing suits at Kayo Field to participate in the second annual Swimsuit Sprint at the University of New Haven.

Photo Provided by Erica Naugle

Photo Provided by Erica Naugle

Bins were filled and almost full with the clothes they had been willing to strip off and donate to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Students huddled together shivering, half from the cold and half from excitement, as they anticipated the run that was to come.

Slowly they formed a line; people at the head holding flags and raising them high, before students took off in a circle around campus, which some people did not expect to be so long. They ran past the Beckerman Rec Center, Maxcy Hall, over the UNH letters in the quad, and past Soundview. Ringing through UNH was the sound of cheering as well as the sound of tired sighs, flip flops beating on the ground, and the sound of confusion as some realized it wasn’t a direct path to the Bixler/Botwinik Quad. In the end, they all sprinted to receive their free shirts and glow in the dark bracelets. They put on their shirts and waited for the concert that some say the best of the year.

Although only a few people had heard of Chris Webby and The White Panda, a lot of students came to listen, taking in the opportunity to attend a free concert. As the time grew nearer for the artists to start, students piled in, getting closer until everyone was surrounding each other competing for the best view, keeping warm and being cooled by the night breeze.

With the lights flashing in their eyes, the beat going, and hands waving in the air as their feet hit against the ground, Chris Webby appeared on the stage. He shared things that related him to his audience; his loss of a friend, his possession of a dream, and his past life in school. In the end, there may have been very few who came already knowing about him, but many people left wanting to know more. His act was entertaining, and perhaps a respectable point was the moment he forgot the first verse to one of his songs, but kept going, joking about it afterwards.

The audience in the quad throughout the entire time kept growing, as students, who had been seen dancing and listening from their rooms, came to join in, especially when White Panda came onto the stage. Out of both the acts, White Panda seem to have been the most known.

Coming out with panda masks on their faces, with their fists in the air. The artists had the crowd feeling ecstatic; feeling the music to the point that when it was all over, they wanted more.

“The concert has been the highlight of my UNH experience so far,” said freshman student Ryan Roberts as he prepared to head to a party with more music.

For some, it was their first time doing anything like this, and it would be something they will always remember, “I loved being close to the stage and feeling the beat in my chest. I was pumped, the lights and the atmosphere were euphoric. Definitely a night I will never forget,” said freshman Ashley Lopez.

People left with their ears ringing and arms sore, but it was all worth it. So to the joined efforts of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and SCOPE, as well as many others, people owe their thanks for a well spent Friday night.



by The Charger Bulletin | April 24, 2013

Friday, April 26th

Dave and Busters Trip- Bus is leaving at 3:30pm from Maxcy

Weekly Film: The Hobbit at 9pm in Bartels Dining Room


Saturday, April 27th

Plant a Tree Project cosponsored with Green Team: at 6pm in the Bixler-Botwinik Quad; Rain location in Student Dining Room

SPRING WEEKEND TICKET SALES ARE HAPPENING NEXT WEEK! You will be able to buy Guest tickets or Graduate Students ONLY on Wednesday, May 1st.


Monday, April 29th

2 pm- 5pm at the tables in Bartels


Tuesday, April 30th

5 pm -9pm at the tables in Bartels


Wednesday, May 1st

2 pm- 5pm at the tables in Bartels


by The Charger Bulletin | April 10, 2013

By Andrew Gitin

SCOPE had a lot of fun activities that took place during the past week.

Comedy Week continued for SCOPE as we brought in Digital Caricaturist Angie Jordan into the Programming Space this past Wednesday. Everyone who walked by were laughing and making fun of their friends while their faces were being drawn. Students who participated also had the finalized picture hung around their necks for every student to see.

On Friday, April 5, SCOPE took students to New York City to see Comedian Gabriel Iglesias Live at Radio City Music Hall. Students enjoyed the sights and sounds of NYC beforehand, and loved the show that happened later in the day. SCOPE finished the day with an encore showing of Pitch Perfect back on campus.

On Saturday, April 6, SCOPE did pottery painting in the Programming Space. All the pottery was painted before the event ended. Everyone had fun and cannot wait to see how their pottery ended up. We will email everyone who painted when the pottery is returned to us after they get put into a kiln. SCOPE and Late Night Programming finished Comedy Week with Comedian Ruperto Vanderpool in the Dining Hall. It was a small crowd, but Ruperto kept everyone entertained and had the small crowd laughing.

On Tuesday, April 9, SCOPE had its first showing of Sinister. The students were scared and some even fell out of their seats in shock. Also on Tuesday, Stevie Starr the Human Regurgitator performed in Dodds. Students were in shock and awe as Stevie swallowed whole objects, even a live fish! And spit them back up in one piece. A student also won a gift card. Signups were also on Tuesday to join SCOPE and the Sports Industry Club to the Yankees game this Friday against the Baltimore Orioles on Charger Connection.


Check out what SCOPE has to offer this week!

On Wednesday, April 8, SCOPE will be doing an online signup to Six Flags New Jersey. Signups will start at 9 p.m. sharp on Charger Connection.

On Thursday, April 11, The Roast of USGA President Pat Kelland will be happening at 8 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge. Come hear Ross Weiner, Tim Farmer, Patrick Daniele, James Zap, Dean Bandong and PJ Reilly roast and tell funny and embarrassing stories that will make you laugh while making Pat cringe in his seat.

On Friday, April 12, if you signed up on Tuesday Night, SCOPE and Sports Industry Club will be going to Yankee Stadium to see the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles. The bus will leave from Maxcy at 4 p.m. If you did not sign up or did not get on the trip, we will have an encore showing of Sinister at 9 p.m. in the Dining Hall. There will be popcorn!

On Saturday, April 13, if you signed up on Wednesday Night, SCOPE will be going to Six Flags New Jersey. The bus will leave from Maxcy at 8 a.m.

On Tuesday, April 16, SCOPE will be showing Jack Reacher at 9 p.m. in the Dining Hall.

If you want to become a SCOPE Committee Head next year, applications are on Charger Connection on the SCOPE page and are due by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 12. You can email completed applications to or submit it by hand in a SEALED ENVELOPE to either our President or Vice Presidents in the SCOPE Office located at the Office of Student Activities (OSA). OSA is located at the top floor of the Bartels Campus Center.

Hope to see you at these events coming up, or at future events throughout the rest of this semester!



by Sylvana Ruiz | April 3, 2013

Here’s a list of events being put on by SCOPE this week. Check them out!


Monday, April 1, 2013—Shane Mauss is a standup comedian who will be performing in the Alumni Lounge at 8 p.m.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013—Come out to watch Pitch Perfect in the Bartels Dining Hall at 9 p.m. FREE FOOD!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013—Angie Jordan will be doing Live Digital Caricatures in the Bartels Programming Space from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013—Gabriel Iglesias Trip sign-ups will be on Charger Connection starting at 9 p.m.

Thursday, April 4, 2013—Roast of Patrick Kelland will be in the Alumni Lounge from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Friday, April 5, 2013—Trip to see Gabriel Iglesias in NYC. Bus will leave at 3 p.m.

Friday, April, 5, 2013—Pitch Perfect will be shown in the Bartels Dining Hall at 9 p.m.

SCOPE it Out!

by The Charger Bulletin | March 6, 2013

By Sylvana Ruiz

Tuesday, March 5—SCOPE will be showing End of Watch in Dodds 205 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Tuesday, March 5—SCOPE is having the Duck Pin Bowling Trip sign-ups on Charger Connection at 9 p.m.

Wednesday, March 6—SCOPE is having its monthly Bean House in the Bartels Programming Space with a special performer, Kristin Errett, from 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Friday, March 8—SCOPE will be showing End of Watch in Bartels Dining Hall from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Popcorn will be provided.

Saturday, March 9—Duck Pin Bowling Trip. Everyone who signed up for the trip needs to meet in front of Maxcy Hall at 5:15 p.m.



SCOPE Presents “I Love Female Orgasm”

by Patricia Oprea | March 6, 2013

Walking around campus the beginning of last semester, there would be a common trend in T-shirts. Noticing them more often than Greek letters, many students (particularly freshmen) were intrigued as to what the “I Love Female Orgasm” tops referred to.

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, many of these students finally had the chance to get their own shirt and find out what it was all about. SCOPE invited two experts, Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg, to present to eager students interested in the science behind sex.

For some, the female orgasm seems to be just a myth, an idea just as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster. Others have heard the complete opposite; “It’s supposed to be even stronger and better than the male orgasm,” one girl said to her friend in passing. If this orgasm is distinguished from the males’, (there is no certain phrase “male orgasm”), there must be something more special about it.

Either way, whether people were believers or not, the “I Love Female Orgasm” sex lecture was packed with students eager to find out more about this fairly taboo topic.

Individuals began to line up outside the alumni lounge around 7 p.m., the event starting only at 8:30 p.m. When the doors opened, dozens of students pushed through, frantic for a free T-shirt. Some were actually turned away; two fire marshals stopped by and had to kick out anyone standing or trying to share a seat with a friend. Upperclassmen came early to the event, knowing from last year how popular the lecture was and how eager student were for the shirts…after all, who would turn down apparel that says “I Love Female Orgasm”?

Understandably, the majority of students were female, but there was also a fairly large amount of males who were just as enthusiastic as the girls to learn more about the fabled female orgasm. Some students were actually bouncing in their seats, one girl chattering about how much she looked forward to “putting these tips to good use tonight.”

The educators began with sharing their own stories about getting interested in the science of sex, and how it began from a young age. Both were fueled by a desire to educate students in an interactive and informative way that can get put to good use (as opposed to the topics learned in middle school health class). The program tastefully blended sex education with a stand-up comedy routine.

Around the halfway point of the program, the students were all split up; anyone who identified as female stayed with Kate and anyone who identified as male went with Marshall. Females shared what they heard about sexual acts at a young age, what they had heard about the female orgasm, and suggestions to achieve a successful orgasm. Meanwhile the guys were discussing what they had heard about the female orgasm, and experiences too.

Afterwards, both groups were brought together for closing tips on successful sex, including how to strengthen your orgasms, finding the “g-spot,” and even having multiple orgasms. Squeezing your bladder in the middle of going to the bathroom to stop flow helps to strengthen certain muscles that are used in sex, thereby strengthening orgasms, advised Marshall.

The lecture was an hour and a half worth of facts, movie clips, sharing of stories, and many (many) bursts of laughter. If you missed out on one of SCOPE’s most popular events, make sure to line up early next February and get yourself the classic T-shirt that makes all the incoming freshmen very curious.



by Sylvana Ruiz | November 14, 2012

I hope that everyone enjoyed all the events that happened last week. Here are the events that are going on this week.

Tuesday, Nov. 13, SCOPE will be showing the film The Expendables 2 at 9 p.m. in the Bartels Dining Hall. Starring: Stallone, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Norris, Crews, Couture, Hemsworth, Van Damme, Willis and Schwarzenegger. Come out and bring your friends!

Tuesday, Nov. 13, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie sign-ups will on Charger Connection at 9 p.m. This trip is going to fill up fast, so don’t forget.

Thursday, Nov. 15, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Trip. Everyone that made it on the trip needs to meet at Maxcy at 9:15 p.m. because the busses will be leaving at exactly 9:30 p.m., so don’t be late. Make sure to bring your UNH ID because you will not be allowed on the trip if you don’t bring it.

Friday, Nov. 16, SCOPE will be showing the film The Expendables 2 at 9 p.m. in the Bartels Dining Hall. Come out and bring your friends!


Students and Alumni Weigh in on USGA Happenings

by Liana Teixeira | November 7, 2012

Several highly contentious issues have sparked the interest of students and alumni at the University of New Haven in the past few weeks.

The two main topics that spread like wildfire across campus involved the Undergraduate Student Government Association’s (USGA) recent vote to recite the Pledge of Allegiance before starting each USGA meeting, and SCOPE’s open letter addressing their reduced budget and possible cutback on Spring Weekend.

The Pledge of


Shawn Tremblay, former USGA Executive Assistant and UNH class of 2012 graduate, returned to UNH on Oct. 26 for the weekly USGA meeting, and had many opinions on the matters at hand. “They never focus on the actual issue,” Tremblay said, referring to the lengthy debate that arose regarding the Pledge of Allegiance. “They just go on tangents.”

When the Pledge of Allegiance was conducted for the first time at the meeting, Tremblay did not feel comfortable standing. “It’s a private university. We are an adverse community. You’re representing a bigger community than what’s in that room,” he said. “You have to think about how your decisions are going to affect people.”

“This is the problem with USGA. Something big comes up and no one says anything. Then after the meeting, there’s an uproar,” said UNH alum and former USGA Treasurer Danielle Palladino. “I can’t believe college students…adults…are going around treating this in such an ignorant manner,” she continued.

USGA Senators Billy Sheehan and Connor Johnson also shared their experiences with the Pledge of Allegiance controversy. Prior to the pledge being approved by USGA Senators and House members, Sheehan said he was approached by several students about the issue.

“There are people who cannot make it here and would like to see more patriotism on campus,” Sheehan said. “It’s not just my views.”

“I feel that it is a more united way to start a meeting,” said Johnson. “It wasn’t meant to be such a catastrophic issue.”

Further suggestions were made at the Oct. 26 meeting to revisit the topic at a future time. “I think it’s worth it,” Johnson said when asked whether discussion should continue. “We definitely have to see both sides of the story.”


The open letter from SCOPE suggested that the organization may have to reallocate some of their funds to compensate for a lessened weekend events budget. Students and alumni possessed mixed views on the subject.

“You can’t just reallocate the funds,” Tremblay said. “They are the most influential organization on campus aside from USGA…They’re threatening the biggest event of the year.”

Palladino agreed. “Bad planning doesn’t constitute an emergency,” she said “Do a reassessment, reevaluate with careful planning, and take advantage of cosponsorship.” However, she does admit that the tagline on the written article did its job in drawing people in to read about SCOPE’s dilemma.

Freshman Nadine Northway also felt that SCOPE should have explored other options before addressing grievances in the Charger Bulletin.

“I feel that they should work on cutting tiny bits of the budget each week, so when it rolls over we’ll have enough for Spring Weekend,” Northway said. “Other clubs should also chip in too, since SCOPE helps out with their events.”

It is evident that current and former students have become interested in voicing their opinions on these hot topics of the fall semester.



Letter to the Editor:

by Emily McGinty | November 7, 2012

Voltaire once said, “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Voltaire’s works and ideas influenced the framers’ deliberations during and after the American Revolution. This concept is seen in the First Amendment. It can be applied to the freedom of speech, religion, press, petition and assembly rights. These basic freedoms have been analyzed and impacted by decisions made by the Supreme Court. I believe that by using and pressing the limits is the only real way American utilize their freedoms.

This past week, there were two articles that I think exemplified Americans using their First Amendment rights and pushing the societal limits at our University. Although I do not agree with both of the articles’ authors, there is no reason for the articles to not have been published or for the authors to be attacked for expressing their ideas. The articles I am referring to are “No Spring Weekend?!” by Rachel Boulerice, SCOPE president, and “USGA Meetings to Now Open with the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ Each Week: Why This Makes Me Uncomfortable” by Elizabeth Field, Charger Bulletin Editor-in-Chief. Both of these articles were opinion pieces written about issues being faced during the Undergraduate Student Government meetings.

In “No Spring Weekend?!” SCOPE’s president attempted to inform students of the monetary issues SCOPE is facing; her intention was to keep students informed. This article was an opinion piece in which Boulerice commented on the decisions made by USGA Senators and the discussion of SCOPE cutting back on luxuries and working with a smaller budget. Rachel had every right to voice her comments on this matter and I think that this was an important story that needed to be told. However, I want to respond as a student who is active in the University community and who has a strong understanding of SCOPE’s values and the special place it has in this university.

It was clear to many students at the end of last school year that the SCOPE budget had been dramatically cut. That would mean that when SCOPE began their planning for the 2012-2013 school year, they should have been aware of the cuts. We learn a lot about money being college students, and budgeting (we all know) is the best way to make sure we can stretch our dollar.

Boulerice said “My whole point: why should we cut back on the student body? It is the students that fund our budgets and the programs we hold are solely for the students’ enjoyment.” This comment I find offensive because the money that was taken away from SCOPE was given to other clubs and organization, and the money is still going to the students. Other organizations struggle every year to put on events because of their small budgets, yet they always put on great events. I think that SCOPE should have planned better and not relied on the possibility of receiving miscellaneous funds to continue funding programs for weekend programming.

The second issue I have is with the comment “the Senate that is supposed to be representative of the student body.” The words ‘supposed to’ are a harsh attack on the Senators. The student body elected these Senators, and they are active in the community and try to listen to the concerns of the student body. It has been obvious that students have been frustrated with the fact SCOPE has been bringing the same events to campus year after year. The Senators are hearing the students and understanding their displeasure with the way SCOPE is spending the students’ money. They want to see change before allocating even more money to the organization.

All in all, I think SCOPE Committee Heads and Media Heads will find a way to keep our favorite event Spring Weekend as great as it has been in the past. However, maybe it is time for them to reevaluate students’ reactions to their events and think about spending more frugally. But this just shows how important it is for students to get involved and voice their opinions on where they want their money to go—even if that means revisions to the inner SCOPE fabric.

In “USGA Meetings to Now Open with the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ Each Week: Why This Makes Me Uncomfortable” written by the Charger Bulletin Editor-in-chief, the article depicts an issue on which many students have an opinion; the question of whether or not the Pledge of Allegiance should be said at a private university. This article was phenomenally written, and although I oppose some of the ideas, there was no reason for the article not to be published or for personal attacks to be made towards the author.

Field utilized her freedom of press to express her displeasure about the Pledge of Allegiance being said. She gave thorough reasoning for her beliefs and I believe Field shows exemplary respect in the way she made her argument.

The Pledge of Allegiance is not required to be said in Connecticut, as Field clearly points out. Her specific comments were about her position as a student representative and portions of the pledge that go against her beliefs. In the USGA meeting, Field represents the entire Charger Bulletin staff. This includes over 50 diverse members of the student body. Being such a diverse community, we have different beliefs and it becomes a complicated issue. It is important to look at how plausible it is for student leaders to take a stand on a controversial issue on behalf of the student body.

The only middle ground is to go with a majority, as seen in the state and federal government. Being a representative comes with the responsibility of sometimes putting personal beliefs aside and doing what the people you represent desire. I think Fields showed the right traits of a representative by saying she would stand in respect but would not recite the pledge, and this is a fair compromise.

As for Field’s actual thoughts on the Pledge of Allegiance, this is where our views completely fork. As a child, I learned about the pledge of allegiance and was taught line-by-line what the terms meant. I now have enough life experience to form my own opinions, and although these opinions have slightly changed since I was first taught the pledge’s meaning, for me (a liberal women in the middle class), I will still recite the pledge.

All Americans are given the right to life, liberty and property, and laws exist to ensure this. Specifically, Fields looked at the line “Liberty and Justice for all.” Her experiences have not shown her liberty or justice. In my experiences, I have the liberty to act, do and say what I please and, therefore, I don’t think that any of my liberties have been kept from me, despite being a member of various minorities.

There is a presumption of innocence for all Americans; therefore, there is justice for all. I would be ignorant to say that there are no civil liberty issues in this country; the pledge does not say this either. However, I believe the pledge shows that Americans are willing to stand by their country despite its flaws. For me, saying the pledge is my way to show my appreciation for having the rights I was given. I cannot speak for all, but all individuals have the ability to show their allegiance and support for the country in their own way.

This past week’s paper makes me proud to be a member of this University because students are taking action and giving their opinions. We are making choices for ourselves and using the education we receive to make educated opinions.


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