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Student Affairs Spotlight: Office of the Provost

by Isaak Kifle | May 2, 2012


Information Provided by the Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost and Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs reviews and approves new academic programs, courses, policies, and procedures as well as approving revisions to any of the current programs and policies. David Dauwalder is the current Provost and Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Reporting to him are three associate provosts as well as Secretary Sylvia Hyde. He is responsible for overseeing the review processes for faculty promotion and tenure, as well as overseeing the preparation and training of academic personnel. The Provost’s other associations on campus include chairing the Dean’s Council and Academic Affairs Council as well as sitting on the Faculty Affairs, Budget Advisory, Facilities Advisory, and Informational Technology Advisory Committees.

As one of the university’s senior executives, a large number of university areas report to the provost, including the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Business, the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences, the Tagliatela College of Engineering, University College, the Marvin K. Peterson Library, the Office of Information Technology, the Office of International and Experiential Learning, the Office of Institutional Research, and the Center for Family Business. Dr. Dauwalder works with the deans and leaders of these offices in developing the instructional plan and in allocating budgetary resources among the academic units. The provost serves on the President’s Cabinet and reports directly to him. Lastly, the provost, through his work on the Faculty Senate, ensures an active and healthy relationship among faculty, the administration, and the Board of Governors.

Student Affairs Spotlight: Office of International Services

by Isaak Kifle | April 25, 2012

Office Location: Echlin Hall 200

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (Fridays are by appointment only)

Contact: iso@newhaven.edu or call 203-932-7475

What is the history of this office?

International students have been a large part of the university community for a long time, and the annual international festival recently had its 32nd installment. So while the office has a long history, a recent influx of international students (especially from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India and China) has led to an expansion in the services offered by the office. Currently, the University of New Haven has around 750 international students representing over 50 countries.

Who comprises the staff?

Karima Jackson is the Director of International Services at UNH. The office has an International Student Advisor, Lori Stancil, as well as Secretary Jaime Parlato. In addition, three students are employed by the office.

What services does the office provide?

The Office of International Services assists international students with Visa issues, and helps them maintain their status, whether this refers to enrollment or employment issues. The office also helps international students prepare for graduation and the issues that may arise with it such as understanding the terms of their loans and changes in their Visa status.

Programming is also a large part of the office. In addition to the International Festival that the office puts on every year with the International Student Association, ISO has international movie days, the latest one taking place on Tuesday, April 24. Field trips are another thing that the office has started recently.

Any other information you would like to provide?

The office is open to further ideas for international programming, and everyone is free to contact them if they would like to share ideas. In addition, ISO will be starting a mentor program for international students and any international students that are interested should keep an eye on their email.

Student Affairs Spotlight: Campus Ministry

by Isaak Kifle | April 18, 2012


An Interview with Martin O’Connor

Office Location: South Campus 205

Contact: MOConnor@newhaven.edu or call (203)641-0538

What is the history of campus ministry?

Campus Ministry is an area that has slowly developed over a long period of time. The first traces of faith-based services at the university arose around 25 years ago, and the services continue to grow today.

Who comprises the staff?

Martin O’Connor, Associate Professor of Fire Science, serves as the University Chaplain at UNH. In addition, a university committee exists that aims to foster spiritual awareness on campus.

What services do you provide?

There are a variety of faith-based services available to students in the West Haven and New Haven area, as well as places of worship. The office of campus ministry maintains a list of places of worship within the area, which can be found at www.newhaven.edu/240556/. In addition, campus ministry works with the Dean of Students office to coordinate pastoral events on campus, especially in response to tragedies such as the 9/11 memorial and tragedies involving UNH students. Lastly, the office works with the Offices of Community Service and Student Activities to coordinate some community service initiatives, such as the Alternative Spring Break and President’s Public Service Fellowship.

Any other information you would like students to know?

Martin O’Connor and the committee are exploring student needs on campus to better understand what kinds of services would best fit those needs as the ministry services continue to grow. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome to assist in this growth process.


Student Affairs Spotlight: Office of Community Service

by Isaak Kifle | April 11, 2012


An interview with Lisa Saverese and Angela Cortese


Office Location: Bartels Hall, Office of Student Activities

Office Hours: Mon., Tues., and Thrs. 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. and Wed. 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Contact: communityservice@newhaven.edu or call (203) 479-4585

What is the background of this office?

Community service has been a large part of the University of New Haven for a long time. However, in recent years the expansion that has taken place in the university has led to the establishment of a central location dedicated to coordinating and promoting community service, as well as the establishment of a graduate assistant position to manage the office.

Who comprises the staff?

Lisa Saverese, the Assistant Director of Student Activities, oversees community service at UNH and supervises the graduate assistant. Angela Cortese is the graduate assistant of community service, who is responsible for coordinating several of the university’s community service programs and initiatives.

What services does the office provide to students?

The Office of Community Service provides information and resources to students interested in getting involved within the community, as well as several programs that allow them to do so. Alternative Spring Break is one program the office is responsible for, which places students at various non-profit organizations throughout the West Haven and New Haven area during Spring Break. The President’s Public Service Fellowship is another program, which places highly qualified students in various organizations and businesses for the summer. Both programs allow students the opportunity to give back to the community in a significant way during these break periods.

The office is also responsible for the Annual Community Service Merit Award, given every year to individuals and/or organizations who exemplify the mission of the university through achievement and success in community service. Beyond that, the office works with groups both on and off-campus to promote various other events and initiatives, including the World AIDS Day Flash Mob in November as well as the campus and community clean-ups that occur each semester.

Is there anything else you would like students to know?

For five consecutive years, the university has been awarded The President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, which recognizes institutions of higher education for the quality and success of their community service programs as well as the civic engagement opportunities they provide to students. In addition, the 2012 Alternative Spring Break had a record number of participants, and the 2012 President’s Public Service Fellowship had a record number of applicants. All of these draw attention to the strength of the community service programs and initiatives at UNH, which every student should take advantage of before graduation!

Student Affairs Spotlight: The Honors Program

by Isaak Kifle | April 4, 2012

Staff Office Locations: Gate House Rooms 201 (Director) and 209 (Coordinator)

Staff Office Hours: Monday-Friday –  8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Contact: honors@newhaven.edu

An interview with Matt Wranovix

What is the history of the program?

The University of New Haven Honors Program has expanded significantly in recent years. This includes the number of students in the program multiplying over the past five years, an expansion in the services offered as part of the program, and the addition of the Honors Coordinator position in 2011.

Who comprises the staff?

The Honors Program consists of two full-time staff. Dr. Matt Wranovix serves as the Honors Program Director as well as a lecturer in the History Department. Lynne Resnick serves as the Honors Program Coordinator. Beyond that, a honors committee exists made of various members of the UNH faculty that assist in the selection of incoming honor students each year, as well as the selection of an Honors Director every three years.

What programs and services does the program provide?

Primarily, the Honors Program is a program offered to students who excel academically, which allows them to take honors courses (consisting of special honors section of regularly offered courses as well as team-taught honor seminars on topics not offered in general UNH courses), receive additional financial aid, and, in their senior year, write an honors thesis which serves as a student’s capstone experience to their undergraduate education.

However, the Honors Program consists of more outside the academic program. The Honor Student Council, advised by the Honors Director, plans a variety of events for the entire campus. Programs implemented in the music have included movie nights, guest speakers, game nights and even a food festival!

Any additional information we should know?

All of the events that the Honors Program and Honor Student Council implements are open to the entire campus; you do not need be in the Honors Program to attend!

Student Affairs Spotlight: Financial Aid Office

by Isaak Kifle | March 28, 2012

 Office Location: Maxcy Hall 118B

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (until 1:00 p.m. on Fridays in the summer)

Contact: financialaid@newhaven.edu or call 203-932-7315

An interview with Amanda King, Assistant Director

What can you say about the history of this office?

While the financial aid office has existed for a long time, it has undergone a massive expansion within the past five years. Originally consisting of two counselors, the office now has eleven full-time staff.

Who comprises the staff?

The administrative staff consists of one director, two senior associate directors, one associate director, and three assistant directors. Some of the administrative staff also serve as a few of the six financial aid counselors. The full-time staff also includes a data communication specialist, loan specialist, and summer financial aid counselor, as well as an administrative secretary. Lastly, the office employs one graduate assistant and three undergraduate students known as “The Feds.”

What services does the office provide?

The financial aid office processes and awards incoming financial aid to incoming students as well as advise, guide, and counsel families through the financial aid process. This includes guiding them through documents regarding the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), loans, and scholarships. In addition, the office keeps a record of many available scholarship openings in the office. The financial aid counselors also advise students and their families in any matters regarding aid, such as exploring their options for funding a student’s education or how to work with outside loan providers.

Any other information you would like to provide?

The financial aid office has been increasing the variety of their methods to market themselves, their services, available scholarships, and vital financial aid information, so be sure to explore the “University of New Haven – Financial Aid Office” Facebook page and see the articles written in The Charger Bulletin by “The Feds.” Lastly, while the priority deadline for the FAFSA has passed, the deadline for many other scholarships and financial aid forms is May 1, so be sure to have everything taken care of by then!

Student Affairs Spotlight: Conference Services Department

by Isaak Kifle | March 21, 2012


An Interview with Mario Pierce and Katelyn LaTorra

 Office Location: Bartels 211

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Contact: conferenceservices@newhaven.edu  or call 203-479-4223

Website: www.newhaven.edu/conferenceservices

What is the history of this office?

The Conference Services office began in November 2010 with one full-time staff member to focus on summer camp and conference operations. The office has expanded since then in both size and scope; this year they hired a graduate assistant and have expanded summer staffing. Now, all external groups looking to host an event at UNH all go through Conference Services.  In addition, Conference Services provides assistance to internal departments looking to host larger events on campus in conjunction with other groups. Current events being planned are more large-scale than ever before.

Who does the staff comprise of?

Mario Pierce is the Director of Conference Service & University Space Management at UNH. The office also includes graduate assistant Katelyn LaTorra, M.A. I/O Psychology-May 2013. In addition, a number of undergraduates are employed throughout the academic year and over the summer as conference assistants.

What services does the office provide to students and the university?

The Conference Services Department hosts a variety of events on campus, primarily from groups outside of the university. One of the office’s largest programs is the Summer Youth Program, coordinated with different academic departments on campus. These programs include subjects such as Biotechnology, Forensic Science, Musical Theater, Engineering, and Policing. Additionally, there are now one-week intensive college courses in Business Development, Sports Management, and Hospitality for prospective UNH students (current high school students) to take part in. More information on those programs can be found at www.newhaven.edu/camps.

Outside of Summer Youth Programs, the office deals largely with hosting conferences that take place on campus, whether student/department-affiliated or external groups. Some of the student conferences the office has hosted include ones from the American Criminal Justice Association (ACJA), American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), and the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society. Outside of student conferences, the office has several events it will be involved in, including a Tri-State Trek fundraiser, CT Judicial Branch Institute, and the USAWKF National Kung-Fu tournament over the summer!

Conference Services serves as a “one-stop shop” in regards to all of the events it hosts. This means they coordinate with other departments and offices on campus to provide all of the services necessary for a successful event. Services include providing meeting spaces, audio/video equipment, catering, housing, transportation, etc. Lastly, the office provides exposure to the university to outside groups that have events here through media outlets and satisfied guests.

Anything else to add?

The Conference Services Office will begin their hiring process for undergraduate summer staff soon, students should watch their UNH email accounts for more information. Any students thinking about having a conference are free to stop the office and see how Conference Services can help them!

Student Affairs Spotlight: Office of International and Experiential Learning

by Isaak Kifle | February 15, 2012


An Interview with Sally Anastos and Jennie Brown

Office: Kaplan Hall Room 210

 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

 Contact: iel@newhaven.edu

What is the history of this office?

The Office of International and Experiential Education began as a component of a larger office which included what is now known as the Career Development Center. Over the past year, the office has expanded and the first step was bringing in a full time staff member dedicated to study abroad.

Who comprises the staff?

Jeremy R. Geller, the Associate Provost for International and Experiential Education, oversees the Office of International and Experiential Learning. Sally Anastos serves as the Director and Academic Service-Learning, and Jennie Brown is the Coordinator of International and Experiential Learning. The office also employs a few student workers.

What services does the office provide to students?

The Office of International and Experiential Learning works on four major “pillars” that compose International and Experiential Learning: Service-Learning, Study Abroad, Research, and Internships. The office coordinates the academic service-learning courses that are offered every semester along with the faculty and academic departments, usually about four a semester. The office coordinates these courses with community partners and courses offered have included Adolescent Psychology, Juvenile Justice, Management and Organization, Creative Writing, Dental Hygiene, and many more. Another program offered within service-learning is the community work study program, which sends students out to work in the community. Other service-learning initiatives have included the coordination of campus events including World AIDS Day which takes place in November.

The Office of International and Experiential also advises students concerning study abroad, including how to pick a program, understanding the application process, and serving as a contact before, during, and after the study abroad experience. The office works with faculty and academic departments to create opportunities for students to conduct faculty-mentored research as well as connect students who are looking for internships to the Career Development Center. EE (Experiential Education) Day is an event coordinated by the office, which will be taking place on April 26 and will soon be taking nominations for student, faculty/staff, and community partner awards.

The office is the Northeast regional partner with the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE).  NSEE certifies faculty and staff, including over 70 UNH professionals, using a series of professional workshops through the Experiential Education Academy. Experiential Education Academy graduates contribute to the university’s goal of providing experiential education opportunities to students.  Lastly, the office spearheaded the Society for Experiential Education (SEE), which recognizes graduating seniors in the top 20% of their class that have completed two or more experiential experiences.

Anything else you would like to add?

Get involved early! One of the most common comments that the office gets from students is that they had wished they had done more earlier. Don’t wait until your senior year to search for internships, research and study abroad opportunities, or take a service-learning course. Begin searching as early as possible, so that you can have many experiences by graduation.

Student Affairs Spotlight: Admissions

by Isaak Kifle | February 8, 2012


An Interview with Zack Rosen, Admissions Counselor / Coordinator of Social Media and Online Recruitment

Location: Bayer Hall

 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Sunday 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

 Contact: adminfo@newhaven.edu or 203-932-7319

What is the history of this office?

While the admissions office has existed for a long time, the office has undergone a large expansion within the past few years. Bayer Hall once held Undergraduate Admissions as well as the Graduate Admissions Office and the Office of Financial Aid. With the drastic increase of students accepted and attending the university within recent years, the office has expanded in size and scope, currently occupying all of Bayer Hall.

Who comprises the staff?

Under Vice President for Enrollment Management Jim McCoy and Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Kevin Phillips, the office directors include Director of Recruitment and Marketing Wayne Leon, Director of Enrollment Planning and Policy Alick Lètang, Director of Events, and Senior Associate Director of Admissions Whitney Kolwicz. There are also a few assistant and associate directors, as well as about 14 admission counselors that also specialize in different aspects of admissions such as online recruitment, social media, transfer, and veteran student recruitment, as well as liaisons to the different colleges within the university. From there, the office employs six clerical staff members and approximately thirty students.

What services do you provide to students?

The main goal of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is to recruit the incoming class to the university, as well as develop the best practices in how to do so. Towards this goal, the office coordinates with many other offices on campus and implements a variety of events including open houses, accepted students days, and charger days where accepted students can shadow current UNH students. Currently, the office is working with the incoming Class of 2016 as they prepare to begin attending UNH this fall.

Student Affairs Spotlight: Career Development Center

by Isaak Kifle | February 1, 2012

Location: Bartels Student Activity Center Room 103

Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Contact: 203-479-4858 or CareerDevelopmentCenter@newhaven.edu

What is the history of this office?

The Career Development Center (CDC) was originally a part of the Center for Experiential Education, which is located in Kaplan Hall. In the fall of 2010, Career Development became an independent office, but continued to share space with the Center for Experiential Education. In January 2011, once renovations to what was once known as the Psychology Building (now known as the Bartels Student Activity Center or BSAC) were completed, the CDC relocated there and now occupies Room 103, the right side of the building upon walking in.

Who comprises the staff?

Matt Caporale is the Executive Director of Career Development, and Kathy Forkin is the Director of Career Services. Arleen Anderson serves as the Director of Internships and Employer Relations, while Dina Wulinsky is the Career Development Advisor. Rounding out the full staff is Michele Demery, the Office Coordinator. From there, the office currently employs two graduate assistants and six undergraduate student employees.

What services does the CDC provide to students?

The Career Development Center offers a myriad of programs and services to help undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni, gain the knowledge and skills they need to obtain jobs and internships. The center helps students with resumes, cover letters, and personal statements for graduate school, whether learning how to make one or editing an existing one. Students undecided about their major or career, as well as students considering a change in major or career path are encouraged to come in and meet with a member of the staff or take the FOCUS assessment offered by the office that helps match your skills and interests with possible majors and careers. The CDC also maintains ChargerLink, a database of job and internship openings that students can utilize at www.myinterfase.com/newhaven/student. ChargerLink can also be used to upload resumes and reserve space for workshops.

A variety of events help to supplement the service offered by the center. One example is the themed career weeks which include Federal Career Week (held last semester), Music Career Week (February 27-March 2), and Business Career Week (April 2-6). Other events have included mock interviews and a multitude of workshops on topics ranging from networking and resume/cover letter writing to graduate school preparation and job search strategies.

Any other information?

Monday-Friday from 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m., the Career Development Center holds their walk-in hours, when the staff is available for students to come in with any questions or help they may need. On Thursday, February 9 the CDC, along with the First-Year Success Center, will be hosting a Majors Fair in the Alumni Lounge from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Lastly, don’t wait until your senior year or right before that big interview to come to the CDC; the sooner you begin, the better prepared you’ll be!

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