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Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | May 2, 2012

Monday – A Hungarian psychologist wrote a book on how to raise a genius. He proposed his ideas to a teacher. They married and raised three chess grandmasters, two of them became record breakers and one became the first female to beat the top ranked male.

Tuesday –A couple forgot their three-year-old daughter at Chuck E. Cheese and found out about it on the evening news.

Wednesday — The country of San Marino has only one prisoner, and he is said to be suffering from boredom and loneliness.

Thursday –Pinky promises originally indicated that the person who breaks the promise must cut off their pinky finger.

Friday –In 2010, there was a traffic jam in China that lasted for 12 days.

Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | April 25, 2012

Monday – The average man will grow about 27 feet of facial hair during his lifetime.

Tuesday – The buzzing sound your ear makes is in the tone of G.

Wednesday – There are more vending machines in Japan, than people in New Zealand.

Thursday – Putting sugar on a cut will help the healing and stop the flow of blood.

Friday – In the last 3,500 years, there have been only about 230 years of peace throughout the civilized world.

Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | April 18, 2012

Monday – Bill Gates is richer than 140 nations.

Tuesday – The term “girl” used to be gender neutral and referred to both boys and girls.

Wednesday – There is a tree called the Tree of Life living in the desert with no other vegetation around.

Thursday – Honey is nothing more than dehydrated bee regurgitation. Bees regurgitate nectar from their second “stomach” and dry it by flapping their wings.

Friday – There’s enough carbon in your body to make 900 pencils.

Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | April 11, 2012

Monday – Thad Roberts, a NASA intern, spent seven years in federal prison after having sex on a bed full of stolen moon rocks.

Tuesday – Lack of sleep and hunger are the two most common causes of anger and mood swings.

Wednesday – Australia once engaged in an inter-species war with emus.

Thursday – “I never said she stole my money” has seven different meanings depending on the stressed word.

Friday – The muscles in our tongue, the tentacles in an octopus, and the trunk of an elephant are all structured the same way.

Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | April 4, 2012

Monday – In 1975, a 17 year old boy was killed while riding his moped. He was killed exactly one year after his brother, who was also 17, was killed while riding the same moped in the same intersection, by the same taxi with the same taxi driver while carrying the same passenger.

Tuesday – You can insure yourself against alien abduction, alien pregnancy, and death caused by aliens.

Wednesday – The girl who voiced Lilo from Lilo and Stitch also played Samara in The Ring.

Thursday – If you could fold a piece of paper in half 50 times its thickness would be three-fourths the distance from the earth to the sun.

Friday – The movie Titanic cost more to make than the actual ship that sank.

Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | March 28, 2012

Monday – In the 2001 census, Jedi was the fourth largest religion in the United Kingdom.

Tuesday – A woman was stabbed to death in a Wal-Mart. The store didn’t close. Instead, they just roped off the crime scene.

Wednesday – Johnny Depp flies in a private jet just so he can smoke during the flight.

Thursday – Replacing the $1 bill with a $1 coin would save the US over $184 million per year.

Friday – Over 86,000 people go to the hospital each year for tripping over their pets.

Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | March 21, 2012

Monday – On July 11, 2011, Neptune completed its first full orbit since it was discovered in 1846.

Tuesday – A man survived 18 days with no food or water just by licking his prison walls.

Wednesday – The heaviest person to complete a marathon weighed 400 pounds.

Thursday – The Sahara Desert (the world’s largest desert where years can go by without any rain) has had snow once in recorded history.

Friday – It would take about 1,200,000 mosquitoes to fully drain the average human body of blood.

Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | February 29, 2012

Monday – A pair of Michigan twins gave birth 15 minutes apart.

Tuesday – Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime.

Wednesday – In a recent study, fecal matter was found on 72 percent of grocery shopping carts.

Thursday – The microwave was invented after a researcher was working near a radar tube, and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.

Friday – There are no ants in Iceland, Greenland, or Antarctica.

Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | February 15, 2012

Monday – About $4.69 of every cable bill goes to ESPN.

Tuesday – Cows are fed magnets to prevent them from digesting metal objects.

Wednesday – You share your birthday with approximately 18 million people worldwide.

Thursday – For every pound of fat you gain, your body produces seven miles of new blood vessels.

Friday – Writing down your worries just before taking an exam can boost your test score.

Super Fun Facts of the Week

by Emily Rodriguez | February 8, 2012

Monday – Rain has never been recorded in parts of the world’s driest desert.

Tuesday – Comet tails always face away from the sun.

Wednesday –  Frogs swallow food using their eyes.

Thursday – A unit of measurement called “the beard-second” quantifies how long a man’s beard grows in one second.

Friday – An average person will spend one and a half years of his or her lifetime in the bathroom.

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