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Felecia Edwards announces her resignation from UNH

by Elissa Sanci | May 6, 2015

It was announced on Monday, May 4 that Felecia Edwards, Director of the First Year Success Center and Associate Director of Centers for Academic Success and Advising, is resigning from her positions at the University of New Haven.

Edwards will be serving as the Associate Director of Student Success in the College of Science and Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts, located in Boston.

“I am leaving UNH with mixed emotions,” Edwards said. “It is definitely bittersweet…I feel so connected to the UNH community. Goodbyes have always been difficult for me, but this might be one of the hardest ones. I am very sad to be leaving, but excited for this new opportunity. I’ve never lived in a big city and I have heard great things about Boston. I am looking forward to exploring and seeing what Boston has to offer.”

Edwards began working at UNH in 2006 as a graduate assistant in the Undergraduate Admissions Office; from there, she was promoted into a full time position as assistant director of undergraduate admissions and later senior assistant director/coordinator of transfer admissions.

In 2010, Jim McCoy, the vice president for enrollment management, reached out to Edwards when he realized her “needed someone to develop the concept and structure for the brand-new First Year Success Center,” he said in an email sent out to UNH faculty Monday afternoon.

The First-Year Success Center, created only five years ago, has grown exponentially under Edwards’ guidance. The FYSC’s goal is to “familiarize first-year students with the multitude of resources available on campus and to help students make progress toward fulfilling their educational, social, and personal goals,” according to UNH’s website.

“From its small beginning five years ago, the FYSC has grown under Felecia’s leadership into one of most respected and visited offices on campus, a must-see on any admissions tour,” McCoy said in his email. “I am convinced that her leadership was instrumental in our first year retention rate moving from slightly over 72 percent in 2010 to just under 80 percent last year.”

A search for the new Director of the First-Year Success Center will begin soon.

“I am confident the next Director will be AMAZING and will take the FYSC from good to great,” Edwards said. “Aschlee, Tiffany and Patrick, along with our student assistants and mentors, are an amazing team and I am confident they will continue to provide exceptional support and service to UNH students. I leave knowing that the First-Year Success Center is in a great place with a team who cares about it and wants it to be successful.”

In 2014, Edwards took on the responsibility of the Associate Director of Center for Academic Success and Advising, where she assisted in developing programs that are designed to bring faculty advisors and CASA staff together.

CASA is dedicated to giving UNH students the skills they need to successful students and graduates, according to the UNH website. Their mission is to “provide a seamless program of service to support students across their entire academic experience.”

“My favorite part of working at UNH has been the opportunity to hear the stories of so many of our students and mentoring them through an important time in their lives,” said Edwards. “UNH has allowed me to make a difference in the lives of our students and our community. There is no better feeling than supporting my students and helping facilitate their access to resources and opportunities that will enable them to achieve both academic and personal success.”

At the University of Massachusetts, Edwards will “work on the further development and implementation of all programs, working closely with the CSM leadership to expand the focus of the Center and improve outcomes for the diverse student population,” McCoy said.

Edwards will begin at UMass this June. “UMass is much bigger than UNH so it is going to take some time to build relationships with the faculty, staff, and students,” she said. “UNH was my first professional job so this is all new to me. I am not sure what to expect, but I do know that it will be a much longer walk to my office and parking will still be an issue!”

“Felecia’s dedication and commitment have led her to be held in high regard by her colleagues as well as her staff and students. Her contributions have been a great benefit to the University and, undeniably, she will be deeply missed,” he said.

“It was a very difficult decision to accept this new position,” Edwards said. “However, I hope it will allow me to pursue my dream of earning a doctoral degree while allowing me to continue to grow as a professional and pursue my passion for helping student’s access higher education and graduate.”

Edwards said she’ll miss a lot of different things at UNH, including the small campus size, the friendly faces, Charger Nation and her involvement with Midnight Run. “I am going to miss my colleagues and the students the most,” she said. “They have all been a huge part of my life and I consider them my family—especially Tiffany, Aschlee, Patrick, and our student team. I spend more time with them than anyone else in my life.”
A farewell celebration will be held in the First-Year Success Center on Tuesday, May 12 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Students are encouraged to come to wish Edwards luck on her new journey in Boston.

“Education truly transforms lives…..and I am thankful that I have been able to play a small part in the transformation of my student’s lives,” Edwards said. “I am looking forward to doing the same at UMass Boston.”

Stick it to cancer

by Elissa Sanci | March 11, 2015

The Sigma Chi Fraternity held its first Stick it to Cancer Floor Hockey Tournament on Sunday, March 8 in the Beckerman Recreation Center and raised $412.17 for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

sigma chi

Sigma Chi’s first Stick it to Cancer (Photo provided by Sigma Chi Fraternity)

The Huntsman Cancer Foundation is Sigma Chi’s preferred philanthropy because “many Sigs and their families have been directly affected by cancer,” according to the Stick it to Cancer Facebook event page.

“Founded by Jon M. Huntsman, the Huntsman Cancer Institute is dedicated to finding the causes of cancer, developing new and better treatments and preventing people from developing cancer.”

Nine teams registered for the floor hockey event. Teams were made up of eight players each; to be eligible to participate in the event, each player donated five dollars.

“As Philanthropy Chairman, my committee and I wanted to plan an event that would officially kick off our annual Derby Days fundraising campaign,” said Joseph D’Auria, Sigma Chi’s philanthropy chairman. “We realized many people on campus enjoy playing floor hockey and saw the potential for this to be a fun event while supporting an amazing cause.”

Junior Sigma Chi Jesse Latarraca thought the event was a great way to get the men on campus involved with directly raising money for Hunstman Cancer.

“It was a fun new event that allowed the members of the campus community to compete for a great cause,” said Dan Chudy, also a member of Sigma Chi.

Sigma Chi plans on making the floor hockey tournament an annual event. “After the success we enjoyed this past weekend, we will most definitely be holding Stick it to Cancer every year,” said D’Auria.

More Tracks, More Options

by Elissa Sanci | January 28, 2015

The department opens more doors for incoming students, with the introduction of six new specialized major “tracks.”

The Department of Communication is primarily located in Maxcy Hall (Photo by Elissa Sanci/Charger Bulletin Photo)

The Department of Communication is primarily located in Maxcy Hall (Photo by Elissa Sanci/Charger Bulletin Photo)

The University of New Haven Communication, Film and Media Studies Department has added six new tracks to the pre-existing communication major.

Students are now able to take a specific track when entering the major; these tracks include Journalism, Public Relations, TV Video Production, Film Production, Digital Communication and Interpersonal Communication.

Previously, students were only able to take one of two paths within the communication major: Bachelor of Science, which took a TV and Film production path, and Bachelor of Arts, which focused more on the writing, journalism and public relations aspect of communication.

These new tracks tailor to the students’ interests in a way the old system didn’t; students are now required to take less mandatory credits, allowing them to develop a minor or a double major, which proved to be difficult in the past.

“For the past 40 years, we’ve only had two tracks,” said Dr. Steve Raucher, chair of the department. “That was good for while we were growing, but now we want to expand the program.”

UNH’s Communication Department focuses on experiential learning, and gives students a hands-on experience to help them develop their skills and passions. The department offers plenty of opportunities for its student to learn firsthand how to use radio, film and TV equipment, as well as the opportunity to practice their writing and public relations skills with outside professionals.

“We provide an education that’s crucial to an informed society,” Raucher said of the communication major.

Bryan Lane, a communication professor, said the UNH Communication Department has many qualities that set it apart from other universities. UNH’s program has faculty with past experiences in the field, has a focus on hands-on experience and has a student run radio station and film studio.


Financial Aid Deadlines

by The Charger Bulletin | January 19, 2015

By: The Feds




FAFSA DEADLINE                                                                                              MARCH 1st, 2015

DEADLINE FOR ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS                                        MAY 1st, 2015


What time is it? It’s time to file your 2015-2016 Free Application for Federal Student Aid, otherwise known as the FAFSA! In order to receive any form of need-based financial aid from the University of New Haven, students must complete a FAFSA. You must complete the application electronically by visiting the Department of Education’s website, In order to do this, you will need the school’s code, which is 001397, as well as you and your parent’s Federal PIN numbers. The deadline for completion of the FAFSA is March 1st, 2015. If you are confused about how to file your FAFSA, or have any questions regarding the deadlines, please consult the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. If you wait until after March 1st, 2015 to file you will be considered late, and you may receive less financial aid because of late penalties.

It is also important to make sure that you have completed all of the documentation necessary to receive financial aid from UNH.

All of your documents must be submitted to the university by the deadline, May 1st, 2015.  Go to and click on the My Financial Aid icon. The log in process is easy. Your “Student ID” is the nine digit number on the front of your Student ID card.

  • If you have logged in before, and you remember your PIN, enter the information and hit submit.
  • If you have already logged in but have forgotten your PIN, click “Forgot PIN” and follow the instructions.
  • If you have never created an account, click “First Time User” and follow the instructions”

Once you have logged into your financial aid online access, you will be able to view all of the information concerning your financial aid. Familiarize yourself with the website, and check under the tab labeled “Documents” to see if you are missing any documents. If something says “not received” or “incomplete” next to it, then it means that you need to get that documentation to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. Some forms are available for you to print directly from the “Forms” tab. It is important to constantly check up on your financial aid account. You can also give your login information to your parents so they can check the status of your financial aid for you!


Explanations of Common Documents 

FAFSA:                             Application filed online at for need-based financial aid. Available January 1st, due March 1, 2015!!


2015-2016                                      If the U.S. Department of Education selects your financial aid

Independent/                                 application for a process called “Verification”, then you must

Dependent                                      complete the Verification worksheet and return it to the Financial

Verification Worksheet:            Aid Office. This can be faxed to 203-931-6050.


Student/Parent IRS                      If you are selected for verification, you must provide the

Tax Return                                      Financial Aid Office with a copy of your 2014 Tax Return

Transcript:                                      Transcript. REMEMBER: a copy of your tax returns will not be accepted; it MUST be a copy of your tax return transcript You can

request a copy of your transcript from the IRS via this website:,,id=232168,00.html.  




FAFSA DEADLINE                                                                                              MARCH 1st, 2015

DEADLINE FOR ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS                                        MAY 1st, 2015


Climbing up the charts

by The Charger Bulletin | December 3, 2014

By Leah Myers
Staff Writer

The Mic Network has recently ranked the University of New Haven the eleventh most popular college in the country. is an online news network that was founded in 2011.

unh ranked 11 cmyk

The universities were ranked by how many admissions applications they receive every year. Since 2003, the growth in applications received at UNH has increased 236 percent. The number one ranked school is Liberty University, which has landed a 993 percent increase in applications sent in within the past ten years.

Data was collected from 2003 to 2013 with the use of the National Center for Education Statistics, which saves on-going surveys and releases the data to the public when finished. The list also included schools that attracted at least 3,000 students.

The staff, faculty, and students of UNH are happy to hear how well known the university has become.

Karen Isaacs, a UNH Communication professor, is pleased with the news and how it positively reflects the good the university does. “Word is getting out that this is a good place to go,” Isaacs said.

Jeffrey Foster, a professor in the English department, said, “This is certainly a testament to the high caliber of the faculty, staff, and students of UNH. This ranking comes as no surprise to me.”

Zaamir Ali, a freshman majoring in Engineering, is also happy with the news and hopes that the university strives to get ranked higher within the next few years.

The University is proud to receive this honor and aims to charge on with this ranking behind its belt.

Breaking news: Swimsuit Sprint Artist Revealed!

by Ashley Winward | October 7, 2014

In this week’s edition of The Late Night Charge, the UNH Communication Club’s bi-weekly talk show, a big announcement began the homecoming hype. The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, alongside SCOPE, announced their third annual Swimsuit Sprint, which will take place on the eve of Homecoming, Friday October 24 at 8 p.m. Sammy Adams will be taking the crowd by storm as they take it off to make a difference.

Sammy Adams will perform at UNH on Oct. 24 (AP Photo)

Sammy Adams will perform at UNH on Oct. 24 (AP Photo)

The Swimsuit Sprint has become a tradition on this campus now where students show up to Kayo Field wearing bathing suits under clothes they would like to donate to charity. They then strip down for the cause and sprint around the campus before entering the Residential Quad for a high energy concert. SAE Brother Travis McHugh shared his excitement for the event with Late Night Charge hosts Joe Brown and Dave Puglisi, mentioning that they are hoping to collect a record breaking amount of clothes this year; last year totaled out at around 800 pounds.

While baring all for the cause is not necessary for entry into the show, sprinters do get first priority entry into the concert as well as first dibs at the free commemorative T-Shirt.

Sammy Adams is a rap artist out of Boston, Mass. known for hits such as “All Night Longer” and “Driving Me Crazy.” His popularity amongst the college age crowd made him a perfect choice for the event and there is no doubt this will bring a lot of energy into the start of Homecoming Weekend. It’ll be almost one year since his EP Homecoming came out and he’s looking to put out his debut full length album under RCA in the coming year.

Adams will mark the third rap artist to headline the Swimsuit Sprint, with previous performers including Chiddy Bang and Connecticut native Chris Webby.

Come take it off for a cause and support not only Sammy Adams, but the brotherhood of SAE as they put on one of the largest philanthropic events this campus has ever seen!

We’re all HIV Equal

by Francesca Fontanez | October 1, 2014

Bartel’s Alumni Lounge was bustling with people of different backgrounds, races, orientations and ages, all gathered together for one thing on Thurs. Sept 25: HIV equality and awareness!

PRIDE members supporting HIV Equal (Photo obtained via HIV Equal Instagram)

PRIDE members supporting HIV Equal (Photo obtained via HIV Equal Instagram)

HIVequal is an international social media photo campaign created in order to promote testing for HIV, raise awareness and help end the stigma that comes along with HIV.

With the help of Dante Gennaro, the Outreach and Testing Coordinator for World Health Clinicians program, the University of New Haven’s PRIDE organization was able to host an event to do just that.

At the event, students were tested for HIV, and upon waiting for their results, photographed and educated about the disease. They were also provided with resources regarding how to prevent the spread, and the stigma often attached to HIV. Unfortunately, there are more than 225,000 young Americans who are unaware of their HIV positive condition.

In order to put this event together, the club had been actively planning since June.

Overall, the event had a much appreciated turn out of over 200 students; 150 of those were tested.

UNH Students partake in PRIDE’s HIV Equal  (Photos obtained via HIV Equal Instagram)

UNH Students partake in PRIDE’s HIV Equal
(Photos obtained via HIV Equal Instagram)

When asked about the attendance, Amber Crow, PRIDE President stated that she was “floored!”

Additionally, Crow stated how extremely grateful she was for the best club members and for the 18 clubs co-sponsoring the event. There are an exceptional amount of supporters and allies on campus.
“It’s truly incredible,” Crow said.

The campaign’s slogan is “Everybody has an HIV status. We are all HIV equal.”

This event brought together people from all walks of life for education, acceptance and awareness. The ultimate goal is to provide equality and hope for all those affected by the HIV virus, and to remind as many people as possible that acceptance is key.

“After becoming aware of the event, Rich and I decided it would be a good idea to support PRIDE and get tested,” said junior James Kielar.

“I had to wait 15 minutes after eating, but it was a small price to pay for such a wealth of information. I think awareness and information is important for college students, and PRIDE gave the campus community the opportunity to partake in a free and fun way of getting tested. This should definitely be an event that becomes a reoccurance on campus and I hope to see an even bigger turnout next time around.”

Richard Rotella, Undergraduate Student Goverment Association president, also attended the event and believes that tests for sexually transmitted infections are a pertinent subject in today’s society.
“I was more than happy to support such an important campus event, which addresses such a prevalent issue on college campuses,” said Rotella. “It is important to create a sense of equality and not judge one based on a status.”

When asked about any last thoughts in regards to the event, Crow states “Honestly, the campaign says it all; we’re all HIV equal.”

Alpha Lambda Delta’s reptile show

by Alyssa MacKinnon | October 1, 2014

Alpha Lambda Delta took over Twisted Thursday this week by bringing a reptile show to the Bartels Programming Space Thurs, Sept. 25.

ALD E-board members Victoria Andrade, Kaitlyn O’Boyle, Diana Piccarillo and Kayla Delano pose with the Burmese python (Photo by Alyssa MacKinnon/Charger Bulletin photo)

ALD E-board members Victoria Andrade, Kaitlyn O’Boyle, Diana Piccarillo and Kayla Delano pose with the Burmese python (Photo by Alyssa MacKinnon/Charger Bulletin photo)

The activity, organized by Executive Assistant of ALD Diana Piccarillo, was packed with students looking forward to seeing and touching some really cool animals. The first twenty students were given colorful beta fish and customizable tanks.

There was a variety of creatures there, such as an adult veiled chameleon on a small tree who had a fiery attitude, a baby green tree python who was surprisingly yellow and an albino milk snake. These little critters were the first to be displayed but the only ones not really allowed to be touched.

The owner of Slither and Swim, the shop that came to exhibit the reptiles, talked about the different creatures in depth and happily answered everyone’s questions. For example, students were told that the African hissing cockroach on display could climb any smooth surface. He also told the students that the Devils Flower praying mantis was one of the largest of species, standing at five inches tall; despite their size, they are difficult to grow to adulthood, which takes about a year.

A bio-orb contained two brown mantela frogs, minute frogs that looked very similar to poison tree frogs but possess no toxins. Students lined up to hold the various creatures there—some excited and some urged on by friends. The blue tongued skink, a seemingly large salamander, was one of the most popular features, besides the Burmese python. The blue tongued skink was only two years old, but was extremely friendly and her favorite foods are snails. Her claws felt like kitten teeth, and she used them to climb over students shoulders and rest on them.

The python was shown after the skink and, after being pulled from the lacrosse bag weighing in at close to 50 pounds, revealed quite a massive snake. Gorgeous with forest browns and strong black patterns for color as well as being smooth to the touch, it was definitely a sight. This snake is only fed ten frozen rats every three months to keep the size down. This python had been performing with audiences for almost ten years!

The show closed with the e-board of ALD holding the massive Burmese python and brave president, Kaitlyn O’Boyle, holding a hissing cockroach!

ALD’s next event, Life Size Monopoly, is Sun. Oct. 19 at 1 p.m.

Treasurer’s Tip

by John Foti | October 1, 2014

Dues Done Right!

Chariot Yearbook photo

John Foti, USGA Treasurer (Chariot Yearbook photo)

RSOs and RSO members—now that the semester is in full swing and things are beginning to settle down, organizations are beginning to collect dues.

It is important that if your organization collects dues, a dues collection form be must be submitted online in Charger Connection before the dues can be accepted. From the time the form is submitted to the end date on the form, dues are to be collected by Melinda Hill in the Office of Student Activities. Once the dues collection period ends, your organization must then submit a funds deposit form Be sure to indicate the index code! Dues index codes end in a “D” and operating index codes end in a “U.” Just be sure to designate which one as funds in dues index codes rollover from year to year.

If your organization doesn’t have a dues index code and would like one, just let me know! From there, the dues will then be deposited where they will be available for your organization to utilize!

John Foti
USGA Treasurer

President’s Corner

by Richard Rotella | October 1, 2014

My fellow chargers,

Chariot Yearbook Photo

Richard Rotella, USGA President (Chariot Yearbook photo)

Now that the semester is in full swing and Fall Break is just around the corner, don’t let yourself slip; keep working hard!

This week’s USGA meeting will be canceled; I, along with several other students, will be attending the ASGA National Conference in Washington, DC. While at the conference, we will be working with many schools throughout the country on improving our own USGA here at the University of New Haven!

With the It’s On Us Campaign in full swing, I encourage you all to take the pledge at and help us bring an end to sexual assault. In the coming weeks many student leaders throughout the campus will be meeting to discuss the issue at hand and to talk about the resources offered at UNH. That being said, keep an eye out for information following the Roundtables, as well as more opportunities to get involved with this campaign!

Best of luck this week and Go Chargers!
Richard J. Rotella
USGA President
Putting you in USGA!

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