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President’s Corner

by Richard Rotella | May 6, 2015


I would like to congratulate all of the contestants who participated in USGA’s yearly tradition of Last Man Standing. You all did a fantastic job and you showed a lot of talent.

Richard Rotella, USGA President (Chariot Yearbook photo)

Richard Rotella, USGA President (Chariot Yearbook photo)

As we inch closer to finals, your school work will begin to pile up and you are going to have to work hard to meet all the deadlines. Just remember that in the next couple of weeks, you must find creative ways of completing that work and will have to try to “fit ten pounds in a five pound bag.”

Since this is the last issue, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve as your student government President. This opportunity was both an honor and a privilege. Each of you helped me grow as a person and showed me the resilience of the human spirit.
As always send me an email with any question, comments or concerns to Good luck on finals and have a great summer.

With best wishes for a bright future,
Richard J. Rotella
USGA President

President’s Corner

by Richard Rotella | April 29, 2015


Richard Rotella, USGA President (Chariot Yearbook photo)

Richard Rotella, USGA President (Chariot Yearbook photo)

With this being the last full week of classes I urge you to try your hardest and finish the semester as strong as it started.
I hope everyone is excited for Spring Weekend as it looks to be an amazing, action-packed weekend.

If you are still interested, you can apply to take part in Last Man Standing! Signups are on USGA’s Charger Connection page.

This week is our last meeting of the semester and the 2015-2016 Yearly Budget will be presented and voted on so make sure to attend. Again, our meetings are Friday at 12:30 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge.


Best regards,
Richard Rotella
USGA President
Putting you in USGA!

Treasurer’s Tip

by John Foti | April 22, 2015

Sodexo housekeeping!

RSOs, as we move further into the semester, I wanted to remind you all of some policies and procedures in regards to dealing with Sodexo. Over the past few weeks, some things have been lost in terms of what to do when placing an order with Sodexo.

The first step in the process is to obtain a quote from the Sodexo catering office to see what you are looking to get and how much it may cost. Then once that is done submit a requisition for the order online via banner, then email me as to what budget line in your USGA budget it is to be charged to.
From there, if I approve the order, I’ll email Sodexo and your RSO verifying that you have the funds to pay for the order. From there, you’ll need to confirm with Sodexo that you’d like to place the order so that you can get the food for your event. I will not verify that you have funds for this order until a requisition is submitted and I receive and email from your RSO.

If you have any questions at all regarding Sodexo orders feel free to reach out to me or come see me during office hours.

John Foti
USGA Treasure

Interview with newly elected USGA President and Treasurer

by Elissa Sanci | April 8, 2015
Keilar and Berardinelli ready to take on USGA  (Photo provided by Keilar and Bernardinelli)

Kielar and Berardinelli ready to take on USGA
(Photo taken by Samantha Mathewson)

James Kielar

1. What made you want to run for USGA president?
I ran for USGA President because I feel I have a lot to offer both USGA and UNH. I wanted to get involved in all aspects of our school and the position of USGA President will allow me to work with many different student groups as well as administrative offices on our campus. The opportunity I was given this past year of being appointed USGA Sergeant at Arms allowed me to see USGA from a behind-the-scenes perspective and really learn that taking on the role of USGA President was the right next step. I want to help students and RSOs succeed in any way they can.

2. What is the main goal of your presidency?
If I were to choose one main goal of my presidency, it would be to make USGA and UNH more inclusive. There are many under-represented groups on our campus that I feel could be better represented. I feel there is an undeniable divide between domestic resident students and commuters, international students, veterans, and graduate students. We are all students at UNH and we are one family, but if we continue to strengthen the gap that exists, we are falling farther and farther away from one cohesive family. We all have something to offer one another, and we can all complement each other in different ways, we just need to find out what those ways are.

3. What do you think your hardest challenge to overcome as USGA President will be?
The hardest challenge to overcome as USGA President will be reaching out to students who normally do not participate in student activities. I think the best way to overcome this obstacle will be to engage students face-to-face and encourage them to get involved via word of mouth. You must show interest in others if you want them to be interested in you. If you show them you are passionate about something, they will want to get involved to match your level of enthusiasm.

4. What can you to do to better the student body?
I hold efficiency very close to my heart. I believe an efficient behind-the-scenes with paperwork and policies on the USGA side will work to make a successful highlight reel for the clubs and RSOs on campus. We as a university pride ourselves on our 150 clubs and orgs but I honestly believe they are only as strong as their governing body. I think that in every situation there is room for improvement, so if there is a better way of doing something, I think it should be explored; just because we are currently doing things one way, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best or most efficient way. I also believe all options should be explored before settling on a decision. I will work on improving the efficiency of procedures and policies to better the student body.

5. What do you think the most important issue to tackle will be?
I think the most important issue to tackle is improving the communication system at UNH, which in my opinion, is flawed. We receive an almost overwhelming amount of emails each day, which many people just delete; but it’s not their fault. If the email doesn’t necessarily pertain to you, it becomes very easy to just delete it. It almost seems that information doesn’t get across to the students simply based on the method of delivery. Also, I will work on getting more approved posting locations on campus. If you work to publicize events for your club, you’ll know there are only 12 approved posting locations on our campus. It becomes very difficult to spread the word about your event when there aren’t many areas to “legally” allow you to do so.

6. Are there any immediate changes you’d like to make as president?
The immediate changes will be improving USGA and USGA meetings to make it more approachable and more representative of the students. I remember my first USGA meeting and I’m sure everyone remembers theirs. It was probably daunting; it seems very formal, official, and almost overwhelming. If you weren’t involved with USGA the previous semester, you’ll probably feel lost. I will work to make the new USGA representatives better acquainted right off the bat at their first meeting. Even something as simple as index cards explaining the order of business or what a motion is can work wonders to build a feeling of understanding.

Anna Berardinelli

1. What made you want to run for USGA treasurer?
I wanted to run for USGA Treasurer because I thought it would be awesome to be even more involved in USGA. I also felt that my experience and previous involvement prepared me to take on such a role.

2. What is the main goal of your term as treasurer?
My main goal upon assuming the position is to make the treasurer role in each RSO more understandable and manageable. I want to figure out how to make the information that is already available more accessible to each RSO.

3. What do you think your hardest challenge to overcome as USGA Treasurer will be?
I expect the hardest challenge to overcome as USGA Treasurer will be maintaining organization and keeping up with each of the club’s requests, based on what I have observed the past few years.

4. What can you to do to better the student body?
To better the student body I can offer myself as a resource for anyone who may need it, with treasurer duties and any general questions or concerns as well.

5. What do you think the most important issue to tackle will be?
The most important issue I would like to tackle is financial accountability of all clubs. Many clubs put on a variety of events throughout the year; however, there can be leftover money in their accounts after the event has occurred. I think it should be up to those clubs to keep track of the amount they spend at each event. Our RSO’s are very good at not overspending, which is great, but I think more attention should be paid to underspending because those leftover funs can be read ministered and reutilized.

6. Are there any immediate changes you’d like to make as treasurer?
Any immediate changes I would make would revolve around making information more accessible to RSO’s, based on feedback of current or prior club members.


Roast of Richard Rotella

by Ashley Winward | April 8, 2015

Right on the heels of Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber, the University of New Haven campus got the chance to roast their own “celebrity,” their very own USGA president Richard Rotella.

Members of various organizations Rotella has been involved in, such as Sigma Chi Fraternity, Scope and USGA, filled the room in hopes of getting a good jab in at Rotella, all while enjoying a delicious spread of fried foods provided by Sodexo.

The Roastmaster of the evening was future USGA president, James Kielar, who strolled in fashionably late to the podium. “We’ve gathered together today to honor our current president for the many wonderful things he’s done in the past year…unfortunately President Kaplan could not be here tonight, so we’ll settle for you, Rich,” Kielar began his opening monologue.

Kielar had the room cracking up throughout the night with quips and jokes, adding a bit of awkward silence in for good measure. In between roasters, he stayed in election mode, giving debate lines such as “Thank you, you’ve brought up some really good points” to each and every roaster. He also delivered a crowd pleasing joke that evening: “I want to take this opportunity to list a few things that are more popular than Rich: The new smoking policy, Sodexo, parking and the walk to Harugari.”

Dale Eriksen was first up for his chance at Rotella, and at first it seemed as if he was going to take it easy on his fellow brother of Sigma Chi. He first asked, “What can you say bad about him? He was really likable, admired, you really looked up to him….alright I’ll stop talking about Zani now.”

After making a few nods to previous presidents Zani Imetovski and Patrick Kelland, Eriksen continued through a slideshow of embarrassing photos of Rotella courtesy of Facebook, spanning from his youth to college. “Have you guys seen his pants? It’s like American Eagle meets Skittles,” he commented on Rotella’s current wardrobe much to the audience’s agreement.

He also touched upon the views of the public, noting, “There’s no middle ground with you; you either dislike him or you hate him.”

The next roaster up was Fire Science club president and Sigma Chi brother Matthew Carroll, who also presented with his own embarrassing visual aids (with the help of Dan Chudy). Although he claimed that he did not prepare as much as other roasters, the jokes he came stocked with packed quite the punch.

“I was in Soundview the other day and noticed that the weight limit was changed in the elevators; they now use USGA presidents as a unit of measurement. If you get on an elevator with Rich and Zani after a DPhiE formal, you’re going to get stuck,” Carroll got the crowd going.

There was plenty of audience participation from the various roasters, from knock-knock jokes to seeing a show of hands. Kelland, former USGA president, even brought prizes in the form of pillow cases with Rotella’s Tinder profile and a split shot of Rotella and Josh Peck, tossing them into the crowd. Former president Imetovski also sent a letter, as he could not make it due to work obligations. As with the roast custom of giving the roastee a gift at the end of the evening, Imetovski sent along Rotella a gym membership.

Rotella took the whole night in stride, barely roasting his friends who spent the night making fun of him. He almost took not roasting them as an insult, which was an interesting way to go.

In the end, there were just about as many good things said as bad, highlighting his friendship and leadership and Rotella was nothing but humble for the whole experience.

House vs. Senate

by Emma O'Dell | April 1, 2015

As the year comes to a close, the Undergraduate Student Government Association threw a dodge ball tournament to unify both House and Senate representatives on March 29 at 2 p.m. in the Beckerman Recreation Center.

Sean McFadden, James Kielar and Richard Rotella, members of the executive board dodgeball team (Photo by Gabriella Pericone/Charger Bulletin photo)

Sean McFadden, James Kielar and Richard Rotella, members of the executive board dodgeball team
(Photo by Gabriella Pericone/Charger Bulletin photo)

Sean McFadden, USGA Senior Vice President, organized the event. “It’s just a social event between the Senate and House, and just a fun thing to build a better relationship,” he said.

The Senate has twenty-five active members and the House has twenty. All the members split up into four teams of five, mixed with House and Senate, and one team was comprised of entirely executive board memebers.

Each team faced each other three times, and played best out of seven in a round robin; after, there was single elimination.

“The event was a good way for everyone to get more comfortable with each other,” said Elissa Sanci, Assistant Editor of the Charger Bulletin. “I think because of this there will be more communication within USGA.”

This dodgeball tournament was the second team-building activity sponsored by USGA, following the fall semester Summit, where students visited Orange Campus for various workshops.

“These activities are pivotal to the success of the Undergraduate Student Government Association,” said Richard Rotella, USGA President. “We are more than just senators, representatives and members of the executive board, we are students and we have to have some fun!”

Sodexo satisfied with free to-go containers thus far

by Leah Myers | April 1, 2015

The Undergraduate Student Government Association and Sodexo have recently made a deal to distribute to-go containers free-of-charge during breakfast and dinner at the Marketplace.

Students can now take their food to go, free of charge, with  containers provided by Sodexo  (Photo by Elissa Sanci/Charger Bulletin Photo)

Students can now take their food to go, free of charge, with
containers provided by Sodexo
(Photo by Elissa Sanci/Charger Bulletin Photo)

The trial period is currently underway, running from March 23 to April 4.

Instead of charging for your food a-la Carte, the cashiers will retain your receipt and count it as a swipe. The to-go concept is intended for students with difficult schedules during meal hours.

Richard Rotella, senior and president of the Undergraduate Student Government Association and Dawn Noble, manager of the Marketplace, have met up and have emailed back and forth since the middle of the fall semester discussing ideas.

A student first brought up the idea of free to-go containers to Rotella, and after he proposed this at a USGA meeting, the students felt passionate about the concept.

Sodexo was open to the proposal, except for the concern of students possibly attempting to commit food theft in order to feed those without a meal plan or have already eaten. A trial run for two weeks was the best route to observe whether this service will be successful.

So far, there have been no major issues. More students have taken the initiative since the beginning of the trial to utilize the container. Generally, dinner is the most busy and most likely for students to use the to-go containers.

“Sometimes the students don’t have a lot of time on their hands; they need to eat,” Noble said.

Since more containers are being distributed, it would initially cost more to keep stocking them. A case of 200 containers comes to 60 dollars, with each container 0.30 cents apiece.
In both the past and the present, Sodexo and USGA work very well together and both welcome feedback from the students.

Overall, Rotella said, “I am really happy that we got to make the student experience better for the time being.”

No future plans with Sodexo and USGA are in the works, but both are eager to hear feedback from the students about the current and upcoming eating options on campus.

Noble and Rotella plan to meet after Easter weekend to discuss how the trial weeks have gone and whether to continue the new policy.

President’s Corner

by Richard Rotella | April 1, 2015


Richard Rotella, USGA President (Chariot Yearbook photo)

Richard Rotella, USGA President (Chariot Yearbook photo)12

I hope your week is going well, and hopefully the snow is over. There will be no USGA this week as University offices are closed on Friday. For those of you traveling home for the Easter Holiday, I wish you safe travels. I am glad to report that the to-go container trial is going well and we will have a further update to you in the coming weeks.

This past Sunday, the USGA had its first ever Dodgeball Tournament. I would like to thank everyone that attended. It was a lot of fun and a good way to relieve stress.

Voting ends on Wednesday and I want to wish all the candidates luck, and look forward to see who will win.

If you have any questions or issues do not hesitate to contact me, and my door is always open to you.

Best regards,
Richard Rotella
USGA President
Putting you in USGA!

The Final Debate

by Miriam Correia | March 30, 2015

The last debate of the USGA Elections was Tuesday, March 24 in the Bartels Programming Space.  USGA Presidential Candidates Kayla Wallace, Colin Weber and James Kielar were all present and Treasurer Candidate, Annalisa Berardinelli was out of town, so she was video-conferenced in.  Current USGA President Richard Rotella hosted the debate.  There was ice cream for the attendees and the friendliness between the candidates gave the event a very fun, low-key vibe.

It was a friendly debate; all of the candidates gave each other time to talk and there were no rebuttals.  It was more of a “get to know the candidates,” event than a debate.  President Rotella started the event by taking questions for the audience.

Some of the questions asked included: Given all campus involvement, where would the USGA Position fall on list of priorities? What do you think is the best part of UNH? The worst? What will you look for in other E-Board members to make a good team?  What do you believe are the best qualities in a leader? The worst? And what is one thing you would improve about UNH?

When asked about qualities in E-Board members, Kielar said he is looking for the ability to work well with others, passionate about UNH and USGA and good reputations, clarifying that it is not a popularity contest but he doesn’t want someone who has burnt bridges along their way at UNH.

Wallace was asked about having non-Greek life students on USGA and she is very open to it.  In fact, she looks forward to reaching out to non-Greek life students if she does win.  She wants USGA to be as diverse and well-rounded as the UNH population is.

All of the candidates gave very thoughtful answers; they all have a lot of pride in UNH and see potential where it seems to be lacking.  Big themes for the night were reaching out to veterans for more involvement and representation, having more non-Greek life students on USGA, finding out why people are transferring and doing something to change it and making sure students know what to do to channel their complaints and make sure they are heard.

When asked where USGA position would fall on list of involvement, Berardinelli said that it would take the top spot.  She stated that she would be willing to lessen involvement in other areas if need be to make sure she is doing a good job as USGA Treasurer.

After the audience asked questions, President Rotella asked a few of his own.  He asked questions along the lines of what direction the candidates would like to see USGA go in next year, how the presidential candidates would go about unifying the student body and USGA, and what the candidates’ favorite tradition is on campus and how they would go about creating new ones.  The candidates continued to give earnest, passionate answers to each question.

“To bring a more open environment for the students coming next year,” Weber said when asked about the direction of USGA if he is elected President.

Some of the responses for the best parts of UNH were the opportunities for experiential education, the professors, the diversity and the unique experiences that this campus has to offer.

It’s evident that all of the candidates are proud to be UNH students.  Although their answers were not exactly the same for every question, they are all passionate about what UNH has to offer and want to make sure every other student here knows about all the good things on campus.

The Spring 2015 USGA Candidates

by The Charger Bulletin | March 25, 2015
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